Top 10 Quizzes - South Africa 1965


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A summer break is here, whilst F1 takes a month off. However, this is nothing to the mid-60s where the South African GP was held in January and the next race (Monaco) was held in May. So here is a quiz celebrating long breaks.

1. In 1963, Jim Clark got the maximum of 54 points from his best 6 scores of 10 races. How many points did Clark score in total.

73 (½ points for anything between 70 and 76). Nearest challenger Richie Ginther got 34 points (and had to drop 5!)

2. With 6 wins, John Surtees has as many wins as Jochen Rindt, but only 4 World Champions have less wins in F1 than him. Name them for ¼ of a point each.

Guiseppe Farina, Keke Rosberg (5 each), Mike Hawthorn, Phil Hill (3 each)

3. Graham Hill has the third longest time between debut and final race of any driver in F1 history. The two ahead of him are Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. Name the two Italians in joint 4th.

Riccardo Patrese and Luca Badoer (16 years, 5 months, 16 days), Hill was 16 years, 8 months and 8 days, Schuey is currently on 18 years and counting, and Barrichello is on 17 years.

4. Mike Spence's time at Lotus gave him a single podium. In which country was it?

Mexico (1965)

5. Bruce McLaren never sat on pole for a Grand Prix. How many times did he start second?

Twice (Spa 1962, Monza 1968)

6. Jackie Stewart's 27 wins was good enough to hold the wins record for 14 years after his retirement, when it was broken by Alain Prost at the 1987 Portugese Grand Prix. What did Senna and Mansell's 28th Grand Prix wins have in common?

They both won their 28th win at home (Senna in 1991, Mansell in 1992)

7. Jo Siffert died in the non-World Championship "World Championship Victory Race" at Brands Hatch in 1971. It was stopped after his fatal accident, and he hence finished due to the results being retrograded! But who won the race?

Peter Gethin. Siffert was 4th.

8. Jack Brabham won three World Titles, one at Monza. The other two were at more unusual tracks for F1. Name them.

Sebring in 1959 and Porto in 1960. You do not get a point for either USA or Portugal. You do not need to give the year to earn the point

9. Paul Hawkins only Grand Prix finish came at this race (RSA 1965). How many other races did he start?

2 (Monaco and Germany in 1965)

10. Local driver Peter De Klerk came 10th in an Alfa Special in the first race for an Alfa Romeo chassis since who won the Spanish Grand Prix?

Juan Manuel Fangio in 1951

Couple of odd names there, I'm sure you'll agree. Good luck all.
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