Top 10 Quizzes - Belgium 1998


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It is a rare day that a race can be viewed entirely in exclusion of the title race, since all of the title participants are forced out. It tends to require an unusual situation.

And no situation was more unusual than that at the 1998 Belgian Destruction Derby/Grand Prix at Spa. We all know the story, so before you get the time to accuse me of killing the quiz, here goes:

1. Damon Hill became World Champion in 1996 winning 8 races, including the first and last races of the season in Australia and Japan. Which other races did he win in 1996 for 1/6 of a point each?

Brazil, Argentina, San Marino, Canada, France, Germany

2. Ralf Schumacher's final F1 win came at the 2003 French Grand Prix with his first win at the 2001 San Marino GP. What did he achieve in both races?

He led every lap.

3. Jean Alesi scored 32 podiums and only 1 win! But did he finish more often in second or third position?

Second, by 16-15

4. Heinz-Harald Frentzen led 150 laps in Formula One across 13 Grand Prix. How many laps did he lead in his middle GP victory in France in 1999?

7. He never led more than 40 laps, even in his three victories!

1/2 point for 5-10

5. Pedro Diniz' best F1 result was 5th. What Grand Prix was his other 5th place in?

The 1997 Luxembourg Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. Note Luxembourg will get you the full point!

6. Which driver, who is currently still in Formula One, finished 6th in the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix?

Jarno Trulli

7. How many races was David Coulthard a team-mate of Mika Hakkinen for?

99. 1/2 point for 95-104

8. For 1/3 a point each, name Shinji Nakano's three F1 team-mates.

Olivier Panis, Jarno Trulli (Prost 1997), Esteban Tuero (Minardi 1998)

9. Who is currently the only Italian to start more F1 races than Giancarlo Fisichella?

Riccardo Patrese - also an experienced hen-pecked team-mate to a World Champion

10. There were only 7 months between Eddie Irvine's first and last Grand Prix wins, making him 69th out of 71 (2+ winners) for gap between first and last wins. 70th is Peter Revson, who is last?

Count Wolfgang 'Taffy' Von Trips - only a month and 21 days!
Wow! 5-and-5/6ths.

I did spend a lot longer thinking about them this time. And I used a pen and paper for Q1 (to work it out by deduction) and Q7 (to get a rough estimate).
Ermm 3 + 3/6 + 1/3.... Working out the score is almost as difficult as the quiz!!

I guess that is 3 and 5/6ths for me :)

Come on GCSE maths!!
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