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I've just been sat at my desk at work watching a cup of coffee get colder and pondering on some of the events of the weekend. I thought it may be fun to start a post race thread to see how our knowlegdge of the cars, the drivers, the track and the F1 universe in general has been improved after the race.

As the title suggests, post your list and expand on it covering the things we know now that we didn't know before. Some easy examples are the fact that we now know that not only are Ferrari capable of winning a race but that the Mercedes team is capable of being beaten. This could have a number of effects on the way the rest of the season pans out. I wonder if the organisors of the German GP are now wondering if they can re-think their decision to pull out. Seb in a winning Ferrari may succeed where Mercedes couldn't in getting the crowd's through the door.

If this thread proves successful, we can do it after each of the remaining races through the year and see how much we now know. Of course, the posts can be serious or light hearted.

So what would you add to the list??
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We know that McLaren has made quite a large step forward in just two weeks even if they are still crap their race pace wasn't to bad before they retired that is, but if they can gel that engine with the ERS who knows they may well be fighting for podiums come the end of the season..
I know that Max Verstappen did better this weekend than I would have thought. A very good run in qually in wet conditions and a solid race performance. Even his dad admits that Max is a better driver than he was. I had my doubts at the start of the season but so far so good for F1's youngest ever.
We also know that he will be the youngest driver ever to drive an F1 car and it is just as well because the way it was going teams were gonna have to fit booster seats in the cockpits for their drivers to sit on...
We know that the McLaren-era Kimi is back. The one that doesn't get dis-spirited by something like a puncture, but lets it serve as a goad to increase his pace and make lots of genuine on-track passes.
We know that Williams at the moment aren't as quick as they were at the back end of last season in relation to the Mercedes team. It looks like they are going to need a bit of time to settle into the season this year.
We know the current team ordera and gaps goes.

Mercedes.>.>.Ferrari...>...>....>...>...........Williams...........>....>...>...>..>..>....Torro Rosso.>...>.Red Bull..>..>..Enstone.>.Sauber..>..>..>...Force India.>..>.Mclaren...>...>..>....>...>....>...>....>...>....Manor
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The gap between the Mercs and Ferrari's is a tricky one as it's built on shifting sands. I would have said it would have been almost 3 >'s in Oz but less than 2 >'s in Malaysia. So in that respect I guess two >'s is about right on average.
McLaren appear to be slightly less shit than previously indicated. Perhaps the promise of more competitive showings by Europe and Silverstone may prove to be founded upon reasonably thick ice, after all...
We know that Red Bull have major brake issues, which wasn't so apparent in the first race, where temperatures were lower. I, for one, am surprised that switching brake suppliers can create such a dramatic difference, in this case, for the worse.
We know that there's a blue foam headrest, and it's used for specific weather - anything hotter than 30C and they need the blue foam headrests. Who knew?
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