They're all corrupt - why should we trust any sport?


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Yet another world sporting organisation and its members found to be corrupt and cheats.
Athletics doping: Wada commission recommends Russia suspension

If it's not backhanders and bribes, it's doping.
The olympic committee, world football, world athletics, cycling, etc., the list goes on.

It's impossible to prevent it as the cheats are always one step ahead, by virute of the fact that usually a sample of the new drug is needed in order to detect it.

That being the case, all of the results for the last 50+ years have to be suspect.

The only way to level the playing field, ironically, would be to make it a free for all and allow any and all substances and techniques.
Money corrupts. Power corrupts absolutely. I can't remember who's quote that is. But I'm sure no sportsman/woman starts out wanting to cheat. But the better they become and the higher up in their sport they become the more it seems they feel the need to cheat. Are they afraid of losing the glory, or the money, or the adulation. Who knows.
As for the various sporting bodies that are cheating, or condoning cheating, they should all be sacked, or shot, or both. They are doing it to become more powerful, or to hang on to power, for money and greed.
I wonder how many sport governing bodies have a true system of democratic succession?
Bernie and Blatter are pure dictatorships.


After watching those videos on the bbc I am now wondering if Seb Coe vice president and now president for the last 8 years is either a fool, incompetent or corrupt.

If there is enough evidence to throw the Russians out the athletics due to state sponsored drugging that would be awesome.

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You know the best way of cleaning up sport? Get rid of the money. Athletes dope because winning increases their money making powers. Governing bodies cover up failed drugs test because tarnished reputations reduce sponsorship. When it all boils down to it, every person in sport who has cheated, lied, corrupted and bribed at every level has done so for one simple reason, greed. Take away the money and you take away (most of) the greed.
I have said for a very long time that stopping the stupid merry go round of hosting major events in a different country each time would once and for all stop all of the bribes, kick backs, sweeteners, gifts and all of the other corruption.
Build one olympic village and hold it there every time.

Or, pick a name out of a hat (assuming of course the draw can be made to be clean and free of corruption).

Of course there is way too much money involved so it would never happen.
Unfortunately sport being sport. Their will be the minority that want to win at all costs. But fifa & Russia its no surprise as its what we expected. But we need to be glad this happened because no we are on the right track just look at IOC for reform

I would ban russia til 1st jan 2019 missing both Olympics
Russia's problem is that no one gives a crap about Russia anymore. It's like seeing the school bully 20 years later and finding out they are just a fat, bald bigot who only picks on little people because they are the only ones still afraid of them and the only other people they deal with are other fat, bald bigots.
Personally, I would close down the World Cup, and the Olympics until all of the corruption investigations are completed, and reach a satisfactory conclusion; in athletics, there have always been major suspicions that top medalists have been doping- yet the IAAF seems to have always turned a blind eye. For instance, in the 1988 100m final virtually every runner had either tested positive for banned substances, or subsequently tested positive, yet only one had their medal removed!
Not to mention the debacle over the Greek athletes who faked a moped crash to avoid being tested and disqualified.

The fact that the olympics were in Greece that year had absolutely nothing to do with them getting away with it...
Yesterday Seb Coe was reported to have ruled out a ban for the Russians at the Olympics. Today he's saying he's ruling nothing out. But I bet he doesn't ban the Russians. Not because he's been bribed with money, I just think the political fall out from such a move will be to much for him to handle.
This was Lord Coe two months ago:

Lord Coe and The IAAF come out fighting against 'simply false' Sunday Times doping claims

Lord Seb Coe, the former British Olympian and current vice-president of The International Association of Athletics Federations, undertook a number of media interviews yesterday and today echoing these views. He described the claims as "an attempt to destroy the reputation of athletes and our sport".

Coe, who is also chairman of the Chime Communications-owned sports marketing agency CMS, criticised the basis for the allegations in several media interviews.

The BBC quotes him saying: "The use of this stuff, the sensationalising, this is absolutely an attempt to destroy the reputation of the athletes and our sport.

"Nobody is remotely suggesting that news organisations don't have the right to question and challenge and kick the tyres. But this selective use of this so-called information is just wrong."

He added: "The fightback has to start here. It is a declaration of war on my sport."

The Sunday Times has issued its own statement in response to the IAAF, saying its report was "based on a thorough analysis of the IAAF's own data by two of the world's foremost anti-doping scientists".

And this is what he is saying now:

Lord Coe vows to "rebuild trust" following damning WADA report into doping

Lord Coe has urged the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) council to start considering sanctions against Russia following the "alarming" World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report published on Monday afternoon.

The report by WADA's independent commission examined allegations of widespread doping among Russian athletes and cover-ups of that activity.

It identified ''systemic failures'' within the IAAF and the Russian athletics federation (ARAF) that ''prevent or diminish the possibility of an effective anti-doping programme''.

"We need time to properly digest and understand the detailed findings included in the report. However, I have urged the Council to start the process of considering sanctions against ARAF.

"This step has not been taken lightly. Our athletes, partners and fans have my total assurance that where there are failures in our governance or our anti-doping programmes we will fix them.

"We will do whatever it takes to protect the clean athletes and rebuild trust in our sport. The IAAF will continue to offer the police authorities our full co-operation into their ongoing investigation."

What's the reputation of Athletics like now then Seb ????

He made himself look incompetent (and possibly even complicit) by dismissing the claims out of hand and refusing to acknowledge that it was possible, before knowing the facts.

Let's not forget this is the guy who was deputy for eight years to the guy who is now being investigated for corruption.
I believe he also referred to him as "the spiritual leader" or some such other nonsense.
Yep; time to cancel the 2020 (and possibly 2016) Olympics until national federations can prove that their athletes are clean; personally I would reverse the rules; assume that athletes are cheating, and it is up to the athlete to prove that they are clean. If they cannot provide regular (independent) blood test results (say weekly), then they are dirty, and should not be allowed to compete.
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