Doping in sport

No, France does it, Germany does it and other probably do it too.

Wiggins and Team Sky didn’t do anything that contravenes UCI rules. They exploited loop holes just as F1 teams do.

Well played.
It's not legal loop holes that are the problem, it's illegal loop holes that can't be proven that cause the problem, the Team Sky case is that they do use legal loop holes and have admitted it, the media are insinuating that they used an illegal loop hole and can't prove it. Bradley Wiggins said it is very difficult to prove you are innocent when you are not guilty when rumours say you are not not guilty as opposed to saying you are guilty, a very fine point.
Rumours are not facts.
No new evidence has been forthcoming.
You either THINK they're dopers or you don't.
You either THINK they're cheats or you don't.

Stop reading the media reports on it, they have nothing new to tell you.
the only thing i have a problem with is that. all wiggins as he says is adamant he 100% not a cheat & as ive mentioned before I really hope that he is proven innocent, but considering cycling chequered history where they no one won the tour de france in between 99 - 06 because so many cyclists were doping that 1st clean athlete was 20th. people have a hard time in taking the word for it that he was clean

if he has nothing to hide why did he avoid the mps & why cant he just come out & lay bare, everything that happened that day at criterium du dauphine
What is the mps?
What do you think happened "that day at Criterium Du Dauphine"?

Read the document, it is all supposition and opinion. There is no reason why Wiggins should make any comment other that "I have done nothing wrong".

You, and many others, need to remind yourself that nobody has to prove themselves innocent; that is not how the law in the UK works.
Tried to search for what had happened with Wiggins and the first thing I got was his tax issues. Really don't want to know about it but it seems to me problems are piling up for him ...
The knives are out for him Olivier , they will now dig up everything they can. They being the crap human beings who pass for the worlds press. Some will probably make up a few things on the way, don’t be surprised if his home gets raided, and he’s accused of dealing drugs in Guatemala.
gethinceri mps shouldve probally put MPs as when Dave brailsford went in front of the MPs at the commons. Wiggins turned down the invitation & i know innocent until proven quilty. Id like to avoid that topic if i can :D

But im not accusing him of anything. I really hope that he is proven innocent & i believe he is innocent because lance Armstrong case means every winner will be clean, but reason i say laying bare is because if i was under this much scuintry & i knew i had nothing to hide knew i won all my events clean then surely you want to end this horrible saga as quickly as you can. I would just say right this what was in bag & for example i had a asthma attack or really bad hayfever which meant i needed it. otherwise id wouldve had to pull of the event. Then all media rumours go. But currently media as usual is having a field day over the rumours & uncertainty. My mums always said in these situations. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about
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A friend of mine posted this in the subject:

Damien Collins MP who is behind the witch hunt for Bradley Wiggins being 'unethical'
It was revealed Collins claimed £4,440.90 over three months in rent for a house in London, despite declaring that he already owned a home in the capital. In his defence, he claimed the property belonged to his wife and was "too small to provide accommodation for my young family, and even if that was not the case, as a new Member of Parliament I wouldn't be able to claim any accommodation allowance against the mortgage on the property.
In September 2012, he came under fire for suggesting that jobless youths should work for less than minimum wage and for suggesting that they should busk to raise money for fares to find work

Nice touch

I find it difficult to take a verdict on ethics from MP' s whose document is produced under privilege.
Without doubt most MPs lie every yr to keep their job

Actually listening to a 5 live podcast bespoke weekly about the saga. It was very interesting listen. How its not allegations thats the problem. Its more the credibility thats worry because sky came in shouting loudly how amazing they are going be. Cleanest of clean everything will be above board. If they hadnt set such high expectations then they wouldnt be this outcry. Also how these problems will always be apart of cycling because as a sport Because there are few rules that are illegal but every team breaks them rules. The "sticky" bottle & drafting behind a car, both illegal but 90% of the time are turned a blind eye too

Unfortunately they mentioned it might not be going away quickly because i said lay it all bare. Get rid of rumours you get rid of the story. But its true thats not possible. Because keeping medical records were so shoddy. Sky cant look back to 2012 & have to proof to clear their name
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