Doping in sport

Ooooh mr whiter than white mask is slipping, getting personal now are we. 1st you call me racist despite me commenting on rumours of 1 oar athlete that turned to fact as he now been stripped of his bronze medal. Semen elistratov got bronze in speed skating im fine with that because he was clean along with being delighted for the other 10 medalist from oar have won cleanly glad there hard work has paid off & every other athlete from any nation that was clean.

Now your having ago at my dyslexia. What next why dont you call me speccy 4 eyes because of my glasses or you could go to last leg studios tomorrow. Plenty of disabled to laugh at. Alex Brooker & Adam Hills both have a protestic leg

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Just in case you deny calling me a racist where you decide to call me it twice. I thought i share exihibit A. Because you rather do it cowards way in private
Apologies to everyone else who has to read all this nonsense, but I'm not gonna stand back and let racism pass. I'll call it out, and follow it up as I see fit. I thought the private message would stay private, but I still stand by all my comments so there you have it.
One comes from Yorkshire the other from Sussex, hardly likely they would agree on anything.:DShould one suffer from dyslexia then it is highly likely one may also suffer scotopic sensitivity which when things get heated, what is read is not quite what was printed, thus we get a handbags at dawn for no real reason:teary:. Now if it was Maldono and Vettel on a start line incident I may need a coin to consider the guilty party:whistle:
I feel very let down. I was so sure that Bradley Wiggins was a clean athlete, I was very happy to support him.
Nothing in the DCMS "report" was not unknown, including the parts where they state that they have no proof about a lot of it.
It is politicians thinking that they matter, in this case they don't.
Every comment on this on the radio today was about how the medication being taken was allowed out of competition and allowed with a TUE in competition. I'm not sure what this report was supposed make us believe but either a drug is banned, in which case the team has broken the rules, or it isn't banned, in which case the team hasn't broken the rules.

I think you all know I'm no fan of Team Sky but unless there is a "smoking gun" the people writing this report should keep stum. There is no ethics in sport, there is winning within the rules or there is cheating. If you win within the rules then you are not cheating no matter how much someone else might not like you winning.
To be honest I know very little regarding the subject of Bradly Wiggins so am not qualified to express a view either way (and I've not formed one). However I will pass on that when I heard that a bunch of Politicians were criticising someone for being 'unethical' I laughed so hard milk came out my nose.
Im a big cycling fan watched all the grand tours since 2008/2009 & the world champs. Its the head & heart thing, my heart is constantly trying to convince my head that it fine & team sky will be proven completely innocent. Wiggins & froome can take the legal place in history of cycling. Because Wiggins 2012 was an outstanding achievement to win tour de France, olympic gold & 1 of the most prestigious sports personality of the year award to have that joyous memories to be a sham would be heartbreaking. Like if mo farah or usain bolt were ever proved

But the edvinance is mounting up. Because albeit they arent cheating just being unethical but taking TUEs at benefical times does look murky & i worry if this proven because this almost on a par with lance Armstrong for the media & sporting fallout. Because team sky are the team that are staunchly anti doping always have. He sacked a staff member for historic links to doping, a cyclist was sacked for failing his blood passport & he gave everyone an ultimatum contract to sign that they have no links past or present with doping. If you couldnt or wouldnt sign You left the team. If you cant trust this team & fell the way as other teams, was regarded as a front then cycling may never recover because you cant trust what you watch on the special mountain stages. Also team sky & dave Brailsford would be finished , GB cycling amazing success in last 3 Olympics would be scrutinized
The report stated that the team and Wiggins were unethical, the report was compiled by a team of people who stated their living allowances were legal and ethical, we were screwed by ethical politicians so I don't need an all party group of MP's telling me what's ethical, if the evidence is not there then it's hearsay until proved otherwise, sitting in a privileged position immune from the law making statements that seriously affects some ones social standing seems to me a touch unethical, as is those who who write reports for publication using the report to further the the hearsay again to avoid civil action. This is one of the worst trials by the media, it was started by the media and compounded by a parliamentary committee that produced a damming report on one ore more individuals from their privileged position.
Can we please put the Oliver Holt article behind a spoiler with the tag "WARNING - behind this is an article from the Mail on Sunday which will contain myths, lies, opinion, half truths but, mainly, crap". I'm also surprised that there isn't some part of that article which suggest suggests that Team Sky gives you eye cancer if you watch them.
The British media seem to have only one aim in life ...... “ if it’s British kick it in the teeth.” As long as we have the crap press that we do have, we will never be Great Britain again. Just Britain.
I think it's a quote from Jeremy Paxman who said the British like nothing better than seeing someone rise from nothing to achieve massive success but when they get there take great pride in kicking them back down again.
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