Lance Armstrong to be stripped of all seven Tour de France titles

I hate cheating,and as such have been glad that Lance Armstrong has not got away with cheating. But after watching him on the news on that show, I found myself feeling sorry for him. Nothing is ever cut and dried is it.
Don't feel sorry for him. He ripped off sponsors, governing bodies and fans for millions. It doesn't matter that others were involved, he spent years peddling lies to cover himself and place himself above others who'd been caught, caused non-dopers to be shunned. **** him, he's not a god, he's a fraud.
racecub, did you watch the whole thing? The situation with Lance Armstrong is totally cut and dried. He cheated and lied and destroyed the lives and livelihoods of others.

The Oprah programme was cynical, manipulative and self serving. No surprise really as it's everything Lance Armstrong has been throughout his life. As far as I'm concerned he deserves nothing but contempt and I hope all the people he sued over the years get their money back, plus interest, his sponsors successfully sue him to get their money back he is prosecuted for lying whilst under oath, with the full penalty of law brought to bear. I don't want him made an example of as no one should (all equal in the eyes of the law), just tried for his perjury and anything else they can throw at him.

I'll calm down now.
I know. And when I liken it to the Eastern block states who cheated our swimmers out of medals by using drugs, I'm incensed! Can't really explain why I felt sorry for him.

EDIT I'm not condoning anything he's done, its all I abhor!
It's a bit like when you watch The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, you end up feeling sorry for the Nazi's because their son dies.
Yes. I know what you mean. The book is even more haunting. In both film and book the child is innocent......and the father loves the child! How complex is this world?Have you seen life is beautiful? An absolutely amazing film, if you haven't seen it, see it! Unbelievable! But I stray from the point, sorry.
Just because a bloke starts sniveling on a TV show ain't gonna make me feel sorry for him and forgive him for the things he's done, the only thing he is sorry about is getting caught......
You could be right .I've been dead against him for a while, even when other folk were disbelieving of his antics. And it cold be he's just playing the political game now, probably he is. I think I felt a sorry for him when he mentioned his son. His son defended him. And that he said was when he knew he had to come clean. Maybe even that was an act. Jeez, the lengths some people go to .
Lance didn't feel sorry for the guys who were quickly thrown out of US Postal for not doing the injections. He wasn't thinking about Paul Kimmage or Betsy Andreu or the journalists at the Times when he smeared them.

It doesn't matter if Ullrich, Pantani, Virenque & co. were on drugs as well, there's a reason those seven tours were left blank. But the twat needs to be put up as an example to those who're tempted and (along with Marion Jones, Barry Bonds and all those arses at BALCO) all those who assert American moral superiority.

Don't let this odious man limit the damage he's caused to himself. Live strong, in the truist sense of the phrase.

What's with the "American moral superiority"? Are you insinuating that only Americans have been using PEDs?
siffert_fan - At the last Olympics, everytime an American got beaten there was some ass-wipe supposedly from the US coaching staff claiming the Chinese/Jamaican/Lithuanian/whatever team were using drugs. It was sour grapes and it got my goat.

Those are the people that need to be silenced unless they have any actual reason to be suspicious other than "we got beat".

I'm not trying to judge the whole nation by these morons, but there are some out there...

All countries have their drug cheats, we have Millar, Chambers, Christie etc.

As a Brit, can I also offer our humblest apologies vis-รก-vis Piers Morgan.
The most alarming thing to me in all of this is that it seems that there really are NO definitive drug-detecting tests out there. Time after time, these clowns seem to skate thru the tests, yet their use is fairly obvious in the amount of muscle so many of them put on is an amazingly short time, etc.

As for the carping by some athletes, I am becoming so cynical that it reminds me of the old NASCAR cliche:

Reporter to Driver A: What do you think of driver B?

Driver A: He cheats!

Reporter: How do you know he cheats?

Driver A: Because I cheat and he's beating me!
After watching the interview with Lance, I was disgusted. I'm so sick of these people who are a sham, who use others for personal gain, just trying for one last grasp to get in the spotlight. Just makes me wonder...why the hell is Oprah back on the air?
The first of many, I expect it will be open season from here on in, deservedly so.

The man has been proven to be a cheat and a liar. If he was not a cheat and a liar, his success is questionable, hence any money he has obtained through his success has been as a result of lying and cheating, and he deserves none of the trappings of success.

I believe that he also stands to lose quite a lot of money, and maybe even liberty due to the sponsorship by the US postal service.

This will drag on for years.
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