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Note: the Indy 500 was a part of the F1 World Championship in 1950-60. This is not counted as a US Grand Prix and will not be accounted for in this Quiz. This Quiz refers to United States GPs, US West GPs, US East GPs and the Las Vegas GP.

  1. The first USGP was at Sebring in 1959. Jack Brabham won the World Title finishing 4th. Who won the race.

    Brabham's team-mate and fellow future constructor Bruce McLaren
  2. Who is the only home driver to win a USGP?

    Mario Andretti (1977 US West GP)
  3. What was odd about the Ferrari in 1964?

    It was blue and white! It was entered by Enzo's "North American Racing Team"!
  4. The last USGP was won by Lewis Hamilton, who lead his team-mate Fernando Alonso home. Who else stood atop the podium?

    Felipe Massa (Ferrari)
  5. Only one man won the US East GP twice, who?

    James Hunt (1976, 1977)
  6. Only one man finished in the points at both Las Vegas GPs, who?

    Alain Prost
  7. Of the three American GPs in 1982, who gained the most points?

    John Watson, 16, (1pt US West, 9pts US East, 6pts Vegas)
  8. The USA has 22 wins in F1 (when Indy 500s discounted). 12 are attributable to Mario Andretti. Richie Ginther (1), Dan Gurney (4) and Peter Revson (2) also won races. Name the other US driver to win F1 races.

    1961 World Champion Phil Hill (1960 Italy, 1961 Belgium, 1961 Italy)
  9. Which American raced most Grand Prix?

    Eddie McKay Cheever racked up 132 GPs, 4 more than Mario Andretti
  10. Who stood on the podium with the Ferrari drivers after the farcical 2005 USGP?

    Tiago Monteiro (Jordan), scoring Portugal's only podium in F1 and scoring 6 of their 8 points in F1; Monteiro scored at Spa that year to add to Pedro Lamy's point at the 1995 Australian GP!

Thankyou, its a minefield out there. Back home next week for the British Quiz. I'm swimming against the Pilgrim Fathers' tide at any rate!
My score = 2.5 The reason for half points is that my answer to Q3 was
they changed the colour of the car, it was white

The consolation is imagining Bernie's face. Half points are his pet hate!
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