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A few simple questions about the Tyrrell Racing Organisation to test your brain boxes:

1. Tyrrell had 5 drivers race for them in 1985, name 3 (1/3 point for each)

Martin Brundle, Stefan Johansson, Stefan Bellof, Ivan Capelli or Philippe Streif

2. Tyrrell bought which unique design change to F1 in 1990?

The anhedral front wing (1/2 a point if you said high nose)

3. Which two drivers bought a fairly ignominious end to Tyrrell’s time in F1 (one in a Tyrrell the other in a Minardi)?

Toranosuke Takagi in the Tyrrell and Esteban Tuero in a Minardi collided on lap 28 of the Japanese GP in 1998 causing Takagi to retire.

4. Name the four teams whose lineage descends directly from the Tyrell Racing Organisation

BAR, Honda Racing, Brawn GP & Mercedes

5. The first Tyrrell produced car appeared in what season?


6. Who replaced Jackie Stewart as No.1 driver for Tyrrell in 1974?

Jody Scheckter

7. Tyrrell cars were once banned for an entire season, which one?


8. And why (the FIA eventually settled on 3)?

Fuel in the cooling water injection system, unsecured ballast & illegal holes in the bottom of the car

9. Tyrrell’s last Grand prix victory was by won by whom?

Michele Alboreto (Detroit, 1983)

10. Tyrrell were the winners of which special trophy in 1987?

The Colin Chapman Trophy for normally aspirated F1 cars

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