The October Quiz


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Why not have a quiz about a dying month?

1. Bruno Senna was born on 15 October 1983. Who won the South African GP on the same day?

Riccardo Patrese

2. How many dates in October have never had a GP [Sunday] held on them?

11th October is the only one

3. The 2004 Brazilian GP was held on October 24, like the 2010 Korean GP. Who finished highest of the 2010 Korean GP entrants in the 2004 race?

Rubens Barrichello (3rd behind JPM and Kimi Raikkonen)

4. The 1967 US Grand Prix, on 1 October, and the Mexican GP of the same year on 22nd October, saw 4 podium finishers. Jim Clark won both races and Denny Hulme was third twice. Name (for 1/2 of a point each) the drivers who finished second.

Graham Hill and Jack Brabham

5. The first ever October GP was in Barcelona (at Pedralbes) in 1951. Who won it?

Juan Manuel Fangio

6. Who won the 1981 Las Vegas GP?

Alan Jones

7. In what position did Kimi Raikkonen qualify on his 30th birthday at the 2009 Brazilian GP?


8. Who failed to qualify for the 1998 Japanese Grand Prix (the qualifying taking place on 31 October) and hence did not take the start for his final F1 attempt?

Ricardo Rosset

9. Name (for a point each) the two men who became World Champion on 26th October.

Alain Prost 1986 Australia
Jacques Villeneuve 1997 Jerez
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