The Miscellany Quiz 2


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All the questions come from one book (I'll tell you which after people have had a go). It's intentionally difficult and I'm hoping for lots of zero's :D

1. The first race ever held at Silverstone was in September 1947. What did the race become known as?

The Mutton Grand Prix - so named as Maurice Geoghegan ran over a sheep in his Frazer Nash

2. Monza held an Indianpolis style race in 1957 with US cars coming to Europe to race. Who sponsored Stirling's Moss' Maserati?

the Eldorado Ice Cream Compnay - Moss finished 7th

3. Who won what is believed to be the first ever Motor Race (the Paris - Rouen Trial) in 1894?

Count Jules de Dion - he was demoted to 2nd though as his steam tractor required two people to run it

4. Where was the first grand prix held in which grid positions were decided on practice times rather than a ballot?

The Monaco Grand Prix of 1933 - won by Achille Varzi in a Bugatti

5. Who was the last driver to drive all 24 hours at Le Mans?

Pierre Levagh in 1952

6. The Brabham Fan Car had is sole race, and win, in Sweden in 1978. The car was powered by an Alfa Romeo Engine, what year was their last win before this race?


7. Mika Hakkinen was World Champion in 1999 and won the title twice, why?

Ferrrari were disqualified at the Malaysian Grand Prix as their air deflectors were 10mm short, making Hakkinen Champion, and then reinstated a week later, meaning he wasn't. Hakkinen formally won the title in Japan

8. Who is the only driver in the history of the World Championship to win a race in the pits

Michael Schumacher at the British Grand Prix in 1998

9. What was unusual about Jack Brabham's last race of his title winning season in 1959?

He pushed the car across the line of the US Grand Prix

10. Vittorio Brambilla famously crashed his car after winning the Austrian Grand Prix in 1975. Who was involved in a similar event at the French Grand Prix in 1962? 1/2 a point for either driver.

Trevor Taylor (Team Lotus) crashed into Maurice Trintignant (Rob Walker Lotus) who was avoiding John Surtees as he entered the pits.
I couldn't say why or how i know, but i knew it as the
Mutton Chops GP
, but never knew the reason behind it until now. I presume that my answer is acceptable?
FB said:
Well spotted TBY, sorted that (damn these fat fingers LOL )
That means i have 1 point now :).
I think that Levegh lmost won it, he was three laps up wit an hour remaining only for his car to let him down
Just the one for me. Q8.

I have heard of the answer to Q1 but it didn't come back to me until I clicked the button.
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