The Leading All Laps Quiz


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So welcome Nico Rosberg to the club of drivers who have led every lap of a Grand Prix!

1. Of the 104 drivers to win a Grand Prix, how many have managed at least once in their career to lead every lap?

Three-quarter points: 52, 54
Half points: 51, 55
Quarter points: 50, 56

2. The refuelling era made this more difficult. How many times did a driver lead every lap between 1994 & 2009 inclusive?

[bg=#FF8888](a) 20[/bg][bg=#CCCC88](b) 25 [/bg][bg=#88FF88](c) 30 [/bg][bg=#88CCCC](d) 35 [/bg][bg=#8888FF](e) 40[/bg]

[bg=#88CCCC](d) 35 [/bg]

3. The driver who has lead every lap the most is Ayrton Senna with 19. At which Grand Prix was his first such win?

His first win at Estoril in 1985

4. Which driver lead every lap at Imola one year in his team-mate's 100th Grand Prix, led every lap at Spa the following year in car #2 and passed a Williams off the line three years later at Monaco to lead every lap for the third and final time?

David Coulthard (1998, 1999, 2002)

5. Here are eight drivers and eight Grands Prix.
Match the driver to the race they lead every lap of...

SENNA - Monza 1990
PROST - Monza 1981
MANSELL - Estoril 1986
LAUDA - Spa 1976
PIQUET - Detroit 1984
BOUTSEN - Hungaroring 1990
REUTEMANN - Watkins Glen 1974
BERGER - Adelaide 1987

Points - 1/5 if one is correct
2/5 if you got two correct
3/5 if you got three correct
4/5 if you got four correct
1 if you got five correct
1 and a half if you got six correct
If you got seven correct, you're a wizard!
2 points for the lot

6. When Prost lead every lap in Mexico in 1988, was Senna second every lap?


7. Keke Rosberg's one occasion of leading every lap was (of course) at Monaco in 1983. At which other circuit in his career did Keke lead in excess of 70 laps?


8. Who did this more often - Fangio or Moss?

Neither. 5-5.

9. Which driver lead every lap of his only Grand Prix win on a wet Monaco circuit?

Jean-Pierre Beltoise
2.5 but feeling a bit sore for missing a few others when I was close. :(
Woo hoo! I got a coupla points. Nearly a record for me. So chuffed I had to break my golden rule about keeping my gob shut if I score less than 5 (which is usually!) :D A very enjoyable quiz if I may say so.:)
5.... Grrr!!!

2 was a guess, 3 was obvious, 4 took a lot of thinking about, couple mixed up on question 5, Question 6 was a guess (and wrong - D'oh!), Question 7 was inspired... (And not obvious).... 8 and 9 - does ANYONE know these?
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