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Hi all, As the new guy here I hope this hasn't already been covered. I've had a quick search but as I'm still finding my way around the site I hope you'll forgive me if it has.

Okay, here goes nothing!

It came as a real surprise to me and countless others when the British GP was awarded to Donington from the 2010 season onwards. Now it seems that Bernie Ecclestone may not be content with just organising races, he may be angling to own his own track, "Silverstone" according to the latest conspiracy theory reported on Pitpass Click here

Bernie is a shrewd businessman and is unlikely to pass up a gift wrapped horse, so the question is, do you think that there could be any truth in the article or is it just that, a conspiracy theory?

Over to you.
Normally I'm not one for conspiracy theories but as it's BE, you can't rule anything out.

If it is true then it goes some way to explaining why Silverstone was dumped in preference for Donnington.
As the article alludes, many people think that it is an almost impossible task for Donnington to be ready to host a GP in 2010 and this therefore would provide an opening for Silverstone to be back in the game.

I hope it's not true because if it is then you really have to question where BE's priorities lie more and more - with F1 or his own pocket.

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Hi Morph and welcome

I have strong feelings on BE's treatment fo Silverstone and will get back to you, if that's OK. Need to think.
I wouldn't put it past The Big E to do that, It would also put an definate end to the countless arguing between the BDRC. And really something doesn't quite add up about this whole thing. I cant put my finger on why, I can see why Bernie wanted to move the home of the British GP but the way it came out of the blue. Im looking that the series of events leading to this and its like a jigsaw with missing pieces, your theory morph would seem to put the missing pieces into that jigsaw

I think you answered your own question. Without doubt, Bernies priorities lie with his own pockets and not F1. His only concern is to keep the money flooding in from F1 but to do that he has to ensure that F1 continues to grow. He can't have one without the other.

It's interesting to point out that Bernie owns very little of the current Formula one buisness as proved by the court case in the european courts a few years ago. He now represents the banks that own FOM because he is no longer the majority share holder. So for Bernie to own the tracks would another way to exercise control over formula one.

I hate some of the things Bernie has done to F1 but at the same time I wonder how much of a power vacuum there will be when he does decide to jack it in and in some ways that could be far more damaging.

I wonder how much of an effect the new association of teams will have on the balance of power in F1. This can only work if all teams stand together and given F1s track record of this which is near zero then I don't see it having much of an effect.

Thank god the action on track is absorbing and unpredictable.

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The BDRC are a Trust and can't do whatever they fancy - which is why it has been such a torturous process to get where they are. And I don't believe that they could offer up the circuit to BE.

I've always thought that the latest deal with Donington was a ploy to get rid of a British GP - Donington might (and that is debatable) be ready to go in 2010, but if not, the GP will go to another country - part of the contract, I've read.

Other venues are happy to pay the going price - BE doesn't necessarily want to be in charge (that was Max's job), but he does want to optimise the takings.
ah, bernie does what all business people do: they run a company. and they will do all it takes to keep their company's amrgins. and bernie does the same. i myself never understand why people are so surprised by his actions. he's not there for f1, circuits or drivers, he's there for his company to make money. and his tool happens to be f1 and the rest of it. thats all.

so the guy does his job. good on him.
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