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Never held outside September and only once held outside of Monza, the Italian GP is one of the most traditional Grand Prix on the calendar. The quiz, of course, does not refer to the other two Grand Prix to be held in the Republic, so the San Marino GP is dealt with in its own quiz and Pescara will be dealt with in the pre-Singapore "one offs" quiz!

But now to Italy...

  1. Ony three Italians have ever won the Italian Grand Prix. Name them.

    Guiseppe Farina (Alfa 1950), Alberto Ascari (Ferrari 1952-3), Ludovicio Scarfiotti (Ferrari 1966)
  2. Ferrari have won their home Grand Prix 17 times. But how many times has the Prancing Horse been on Pole Position?

    18 times, the last being Rubens Barrichello in 2004
  3. 1971 was the closest (1st-5th) finish in F1 history with winner Peter Gethin within 0.6 of a second of Ronnie Peterson, Fran├žois Cevert, Mike Hailwood and Howden Ganley. Who else got into the points, 30 seconds back?

    Everyone's favourite Kiwi, Chris Amon
  4. Winning at Monza is a World Championship kiss of death with the Italian GP won extremely rarely by the eventual World Champion. Before Michael Schumacher (2000, 2003) who was the last man to win the World Championship and the Italian GP in the same year?

    Ayrton Senna in 1990!
  5. In the days of shared drives, and going for the title, Juan Manuel Fangio twice retired from the 1950 Italian Grand Prix. He did however, take the point for Fastest Lap! Of the 27 starters, how many finished the race?

    Only 7 finished the race, with Alberto Ascari retiring and turfing out team-mate Dorino Serafini to finish 2nd!
  6. There have been 3 driver deaths in World Championship races at Monza. What connects them?

    They were all in the top two in the Drivers' Championship! Count Wolfgang "Taffy" Von Trips died leading the Championship in 1961, with Phil Hill's win at Monza giving him the title. Jochen Rindt died at Monza leading the Championship in 1970, no-one overhauled his score and he became the only posthumous Champion. Ronnie Peterson's death at Monza in 1978 removed the only driver able to overhaul Mario Andretti's score.
  7. The Italian Grand Prix was run on the Monza 10km banked circuit 4 times. Phil Hill won it twice in 1960-61. Who won in 1955-56? (2 different drivers)

    Fangio in '55, Moss in '56
  8. McLaren only lost one race in 1988, at Monza as Berger and Alboreto scored a Ferrari one-two after Prost had an engine failure and Senna hit substitute Jean-Louis Schlesser's Williams! Who else scored a podium, 5 years after his last podium also at Monza?

    Eddie Cheever, third to Piquet and Arnoux in 1983
  9. Giancarlo Fisichella becomes the first to live the Italian dream and drive a Ferrari at Monza since Ivan Capelli in 1992. Where did he finish?

    He didn't! He threw it off the road on lap 13, while team-mate Alesi retired on the same lap with mechanical problems!
  10. Who has scored most F1 points of all the Italian drivers?

    Riccardo Patrese. Fisi needs to score 6 to equal Mansell's #2 in 1992!
Terrible - a big fat zero for me.

Re: Q6 (an excellent question!) - there have only been three driver fatalities in races, but sadly rather more among the spectators, including a marshal in 2000 IIRC.

Chris Amon actually led most of the race in '71 and was heading for victory, until he tried to pull a tear-off from his helmet and the whole visor came off in his hand! Blinded by the dust he dropped his pace and the rest is history. Truly the unluckiest driver of them all.
I must have made that mistake about 300 times on this forum. No disrespect, of course, is meant to Paolo Ghislimberti or the 15 spectators killed in the incident which also killed Wolfgang von Trips or the friends, family and other associated people hereof.

It is of course desirable that no-one dies at Formula One or any other motorsport meeting, particularly spectators, and my constant forgetting of these incidents cannot diminish their importance.
I may have taken a liberty and stretched the rules a bit far, but I have scored five sixths of a point! :snigger:

How can this be, I hear you ask? I scored one third for Q1* and one half for Q7**. Now correct me if I'm wrong, 1/3 + 1/2 = 5/6. Simples...or should that be fractions... :unsure:

Calculating my score took all my (minuscule) brain power, so I failed to answer any of the other questions correctly! :embarrassed:

* I only managed to name
for Q1. one of three, i.e. one third

** I only managed to name
for Q7. one of two, i.e. err, you see where this is going, don't you...?
It's 2 and 2/3 for me all though I have to admit I only knew one answer which was question 6.

I got 2/3 of question one due to guess work and took a huge guess on question 5 to score a point there.

That was a tough one.
Well, FB, you win the Lella Lombardi award for lowest non-zero points score! :D

Q1 was supposed to be a half points question, but then I noticed Farina on the list and the question evolved due to the answer!

And MZR, I just have to laugh at that, you nearly got a point. Maybe for the next quiz I'll divide things thinner. I believe for the next quiz I will go for the Ferrari Quiz with the usual ETA of Monday afternoon.
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