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Exoto competition vote-off

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Congratulations to FB and sushifiesta who tied for first place in the Exoto competition.

See here for the original thread and votes: http://cliptheapex.com/threads/win-an-exoto-1-18-scale-model.5680/

As stipulated at the start of the competition, any tied results are to be decided by a further vote.

So please once again place your votes for who will be the eventual winner and runner up.

As a reminder, the vote is between the following two articles:
  1. FB - 1984: Year of the Rat
  2. sushifiesta - The Development Race: A Look at Progress from 2008-2012
The poll will run for a few days until 0900 on Thursday 17 January, which should be more than enough time as most people will have read the articles by now.

Good luck to both!
Oh and if you buggers manage to end up with a tied vote again, I will be exercising my vote this time to break the deadlock ;)

I have a coin here ready and waiting :D
I think in both situations Jos the Boss I'm likely to lose but it will be to a deserving article and a simply monumental piece of statistical analysis that I can only dream of being able to match.
I wouldn't put any money on me beating you at F1 2012, I haven't played the most recent version but in the past I've usually spent several hours crashing every other lap...

The vote will be close too, you came back from something like 7-2 down last time!
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