The Official Mini Fantasy Cup Game Thread

After a very wet, and very exciting, race at CotA, the results are in. My apologies for the slight delay.

In a very closely contested cup round, -WBF1- beats soccerman17 by 710 to 703. -WBF1- will be one of the plate finalists at Abu Dhabi.
With a score of 842 sushifiesta beats teabagyokel 's 762. sushifiesta will have a showdown in Brazil with me.


The next round in Mexico sees two more matchups:
jez101 vs Sakari
Jos the Boss vs RasputinLives
Cheers Sakari :cheers:

My spectacular anyone but Ferrari gamble came good in that race at least. It does look like I need another race like that one (wet in Brazil hopefully!) for the league to also come my way. In the bigger picture, you have to be happy with Mexico. I think you have the league sewn up now.
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