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So, as a prelude to the Hungarian GP, a quiz taking in the whole of Eastern Europe (with Hungary as its only Grand Prix.) As usual, good luck!

  1. Up to 2001, all but one Hungarian Grand Prix winners had, at some point, claimed the World Championship. Name the other winner.

    Thierry Bousten, 1990
  2. 4 drivers have won consecutive Hungarian GPs. Name the only European to do so.

    Mika Hakkinen (The others were Villeneuve Jr., Senna Sr. and Piquet Sr.)
  3. Zsolt Baumgartner is F1's only Hungarian driver, and he made his d├ębut in Hungary in 2003! He qualified 19th/20. He was 2 seconds behind the first non-Minardi, driven by a man who had previously scored points in the Hungarian GP. Who?

    Who qualified 17th?

    Heinz-Harald Frentzen of Sauber
  4. In 1997, a struggling British World Champion dragged car no.1 to nearly win the Hungarian GP. Where had Hill finished in the previous race, in Germany?

    Hill finished 8th, a lap down. Take your cue, Lewis, destiny awaits!!!
  5. And how many points did the 6 for second place take Damon to in the 1997 WDC?

    7! He'd only scored one point up to the Hungarian GP!
  6. Car #23 won last years Hungarian GP. Who won the only other race in the history of F1 in car #23?

    Jim Clark for Lotus in 1964 at Spa
  7. We all know what happened in the quasi-tragic farce that was the qualifying session for the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix and it is always tough to see a top team struggle in that particular way. How many places did Felipe make up on race day?

    1, he only finished 13th!
  8. To Poland, and where has Poland's most successful and only Grand Prix driver finished most often in his 49 race career?

    5th, 8 times!
  9. Kubica's GP debut was in Hungary in 2006. He finished in the points but was disqualified for a weight infringement. Which two drivers gained a point as a result?

    Massa (8th to 7th) and M. Schumacher (Ret to 8th(Ret). Schumacher had retired of damage sustained straightlining chicanes (without punishment) in an attempt to stop Pedro de la Rosa's McLaren passing him. (I wonder what'd happen if a McLaren attempted to pass a Ferrari by straightlining a chicane...?) Please start the Ferrari conspiracies here!
  10. And finally, the Czech Republic. What was Tomas Enge's best F1 finish?

    12th at Monza in 2003. He was a replacement for the injured Luciano Burti.
Well fact fans, after last weeks amazing performance it proved to be a false dawn.

This week I scored Zero, Zip, Nada, Nowt and a big fat naff all.

Dunce hat on and facing the corner now.
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