The Consecutive Quiz


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Der Wunderkind seems to be doing everything consecutively at the moment, so here is a quiz about these kind of happenings!

1. Up to the end of 2010, how many years on the bounce had Ferrari won races in?

17. Since 1994 Ferrari won every year!

2. Which year was the only year Williams did not win a race between 1979-97?


3. Who is the only person to win 3 or more consecutive races but has never been crowned World Champion?

Stirling Moss: Pescara 1957, Monza 1957, Argentina 1958

4. Who was the last person to win the Italian GP three years in a row?

Juan Manuel Fangio 1953-8

5. Which team won the Monaco GP between 1984-93, stopping a McLaren clean sweep.

Lotus in 1987
Monaco Winners: Prost, Prost, Prost, Senna, Prost, Senna, Senna, Senna, Senna, Senna!

6. How many years did Ford Cosworth win races consecutively?

An amazing 17 between 1967-83

7. Nick Heidfeld was classified in every Grand Prix between 2007 France and 2009 Italy, a total of 41. Which German holds second place for this record?

Nico Rosberg Can 2008-Jpn 2009 [27] (with M. Schumacher 3rd with 23).

8. Who retired in most consecutive Grand Prix?

Andrea de Cesaris (of course) in a run from Australia 1986-Canada 1988 taking in 22 Grands Prix and a lapped 3rd place at the 1987 Belgian GP!

9. In 2010, which driver led the most consecutive laps?

Maaark Webber led 159 laps, leading throughout the Spanish GP and the Monaco GP and until his first stop in the Turkish GP.

10. Which three drivers have scored points in every year since 2002, including 2011?

Button (2000), Heidfeld (2001), Webber (2002)
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