The Circuits With 30 Or More Grand Prix in the World Championship Quiz


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There are only 8 circuits with 30 or more World Championship Grand Prix. And here is a quiz about those places...

1. Ferrari won 3 races in a row at Monza in 2002-4. Who are the only other constructor to win 3 in a row at Monza?

Lotus 1972-4

2. At Monaco, McLaren won 8 of 9 Grand Prix from 1984-93, when Senna and Prost were the only winners. Which year did McLaren not win the race?

1987 when Senna won for Lotus

3. For half a point each, name the two Silverstone British Grand Prix winners from before 1 June in their respective years.

Guiseppe Farina (13 May 1950) and David Coulthard (23 April 2000)

4. Name the two drivers who won 4 Belgian GPs at Spa in consecutive years for 1/2 a point each.

Jim Clark (1962-6) and Ayrton Senna (1988-91). Unlucky Kimi!

5. Where did Niki Lauda qualify for his near-tragic race at the Nurburgring in 1976?

2nd place behind James Hunt

6. Which German, other than Michael Schumacher, has won at Hockenheim?

Ralf! (2001)

7. What was Gilles Villeneuve's car number when he won his maiden race at Montreal?


8. Who is the final pole sitter of a Dutch GP at Zandvoort?

Nelson Piquet

9. Which of the above 8 circuits was missing in 1985?


10. The last winners at these 8 tracks are:

F. Alonso, M. Webber, L. Hamilton, N. Lauda.

Which one of the drivers is the last winner at 3 of these tracks?

Mark Webber [Monaco, Silverstone, Nurburgring]. His other wins were at Barcelona (20), Interlagos (28) and Hungaroring (25) so its fair to say he likes the classics!
As LifeW12 says above, my answer to Question 9 was wrong!

Anyone getting a point for
should lose their point, with
guessers gaining a point.

You have my apologies, and thanks to LifeW12 for pointing out my crippling stupidity.
A meagre 3. It seems I'm more likely to remember the running order on lap 28 of the 1982 Austrian GP than who won which races this year or last...
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