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In the spirit of Canada, this quiz is dedicated to Gilles Villeneuve!

  1. Other than Michael Schumacher, who is the only person to win 3 Canadian Grand Prix?

    Nelson Piquet Sr.
  2. Who scored their first points at Canada and their second 4 years later at the same circuit?

    Timo Glock (2004, 2008)
  3. What was notable about the 1973 Canadian Grand Prix?

    The first ever use of a Safety Car in F1. It was a farce as it came out in front of the Iso-Marlboro of Howden Ganley, allowing winner Revson and several others to gain a lap on the field!
  4. The first Canadian GP held in June was in which year?

    1982, won by Nelson Piquet. RIP Ricardo Palletti.
  5. One driver has scored a total of 5 points in Canada. Who?

    Heikki Kovalainen, for a 4th place in 2007
  6. Lewis Hamilton embarrisingly retired from last years' Canadian GP, what is unique about Lewis retiring?

    Hamilton has retired twice only from F1 races, each in the pit-lane!
  7. Gilles Villeneuve's brother, Jacques (Sr.) entered 3 Grand Prix and qualified for none of them. 2 were in Canada, where was the other?

    Las Vegas
  8. What is surprising about the podiums of the 1998 and 1999 Canadian Grand Prix?

    Both had the same 2nd and 3rd places - Fisichella & Irvine
  9. Who failed on the last lap of the 1991 Canadian GP?

    Mr. Charisma, Nigel Mansell
  10. What connected the last 3 deaths in F1 races before Senna?

    Ratzenburger - Villeneuve corner
    Palletti - Villeneuve circuit
    Villeneuve himself

    Connection - Villeneuve

Excellent stuff TBY, especially the Jacques Villeneuve Snr question I must have missed him. Who was he driving for?
He drove for Arrows in a couple of qualifying sessions - he was 5 seconds behind his brother at the 1981 Canadian GP! He is profiled at F1 rejects, who clearly couldn't resist the temptation to put Jacques Villeneuve on the site, given the opportunity!
I concur with Boyle99, another excellent quiz! I also got a grand total of ONE right!*

I shall just have to revise more, i suppose....

* In the spirit of good will, can I have a half point for getting this answer
They both had the same drivers
for Q8?
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