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As one of only 2 Grand Prix to claim a full total of 59 World Championship races, the British GP is one of the heritage Grand Prix on the F1 calendar. For that reason it is also one of the most quizzable GPs!

  1. From 1991-95, the British GP was won 4 times by British drivers: Mansell (2), Hill and Herbert. Who won the other race?

    Alain Prost, 1993
  2. In the days of shared wins, the 1957 British GP was won by two British drivers! Name them.

    Tony Brooks and Stirling Moss
  3. Name the final winners of Grand Prix at Aintree and Brands Hatch.

    Jim Clark (by a furlong) (I'll get my coat)
    Nigel Mansell
  4. The first World Championship GP was in Britain in 1950. How many Alfa Romeos were on the front row.

    4 (out of 4), driven by Nino Farina, Luigi Faglioli, Juan Manuel Fangio and Reg Parnell. Ferrari were not present at the 1950 British Grand Prix, (they debuted in Race 2 at Monaco) so next time you hear Dominicali say "we've been here since the beginning" then take it with a pinch of salt.
  5. The British GP was held on St. George's Day in 2000. Who was the highest finishing Englishman?

    Jenson Button finished 5th behind David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen and the Schumachers. If your answer was Coulthard, read the question!
  6. The British GP moves to June for the second time this year. Who won the only other June British Grand Prix?

    Fernando Alonso, 2006. The GP had been moved as the FOM thought that there'd be no audience for the race if it clashed with the FIFA World Cup final. As it was, the England vs Paraguay match was broadcast before qualifying. What was the score?

    England 1-0 Paraguay, Gamarra og
    . No bonus points, but pride if you got it right!
  7. Since it is not Michael Schumacher, which 2 drivers have historically won most British GPs?

    Alain Prost and Jim Clark
  8. For how many years (as of now) has their been a different winner of the British GP, year-on-year?

    6 (2003 Barrichello, 2004 Schumacher M, 2005 Montoya, 2006 Alonso, 2007 Raikkonen, 2008 Hamilton)
  9. Britain has had more World Champions than any other country (9). Given Clark, Stewart, Mansell and Hamilton, name the other 5.

    Mike Hawthorn
    Graham Hill
    John Surtees
    James Hunt
    Damon Hill
  10. Counting 1957 once, Britain has had 205 wins in F1. Win 200 was obviously scored by Brawn's Jenson Button. Who scored win 100?

    James Young Stewart at the 1973 Dutch GP

    We're talking Britain here, some extra questions are appropriate, we've barely scratched the surface!

  11. Britain has had 525 podiums! Who scored podium 500?

    Lewis Hamilton, runner-up in Monaco 2007

    100 was John Surtees(1) at 1963 German GP, (Jim Clark (2) scored 101!)
    200 was Jackie Stewart(2) at 1970 Italian GP
    300 was Nigel Mansell's Ferrari debut win at 1989 Brazillian GP
    400 was Damon Hill(2) at 1996 Hungarian GP
  12. Why was 1963 a special year for British F1?

    British drivers won every race through Clark (7), Hill (2) and Surtees (1)
  13. How many is the record, held by Britain, for consecutive race wins for a nation?

    18 from 1962 British GP;
    Clark, Hill, Hill, Clark, Hill, Hill, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Surtees, Clark, Hill, Clark, Clark, Hill, Clark, Clark
    to 1964 Belgian GP!

    Britain is also second with Clark-Hill-Stewart (9) in 1965 and 3rd with Stewart-Hill(8) in 1969!
  14. Britain's top points scorer is David Coulthard (535). Two British drivers finished their careers 2 short of 100, name them.

    The BBC's own Martin Brundle
    Johnny Herbert

    And finally,
  15. For the only time from 1962 to his death, Jim Clark did not win the 1966 British Grand Prix. He finished 4th, with Hill and Hulme on the podium. Who won it?

    Jack Brabham for Brabham!
Sorry to be a pedantic b*st*rd (again!) but for question 9 you say name the other 4 then list 5! I thought I had them all too! Anyway, another fantastic quiz.
Boyle99 said:
Sorry to be a pedantic b*st*rd (again!) but for question 9 you say name the other 4 then list 5! I thought I had them all too! Anyway, another fantastic quiz.

Thanks, Boyle, I'll change it! You are hereby nominated as the Clip the Apex Official Quizchecker!
TBY, as the CTA Quiz geru, how about doing a general F1, Motorsport quiz say once a month where instead of putting the answers behind a button, those brave enough to take part could PM you their answers for marking.

A sort of MasterQuestionofWeakestEggaMillionareBrain of Clip the Apex. :snigger:
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