Cricket The Ashes 2013

England have spent so much time finding batters who can bat abroad they've forgot half their series are at home!

The bowlers and the Sledgehammer of Eternal Justice have won this series.
A true day of test match cricket. Shame England decide to bat for a draw on day 2 though.
Realistically if Michael Clarke hadn't declared England wouldn't have had any chance of getting close to a win so I suppose the draw wasn't a bad result. Much closer series than expected, the return over the winter should be quite some contest.
It's the ICC that end up looking like a bunch of ****wits (imo)...
Them and their stupid law. Change it back to the batsmen's decision on whether to come off or not.
It's the alternating geography, so a six month gp moving from northern to southern hemisphere compensated by the 18 month gap when they move from southern to northern hemisphere
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