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To not even reach 200 in an innings on that track was pretty appalling.

They got away with poor batting displays due to rain and Ian Bell in the English summer. Can't think that rain will save them Down Under and Bell doesn't look to be in the same form as he did earlier this year.


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The second test begins today tonight.:coffee:

Some have made the journey down under. Some are watching on the SKY shatalite thing. Some are listening on radio, some even throughout the night, on Radio5 SportsExtra/Radio 4 LW.
Some listen to the "as-live" coverage tomorrow on R5LSE from 11 o'clock (it's as if it's live being played in wintry England!)

What ever your portal to The Ashes, make a sign to the heavens and say thank-you to St. George. Thank-you that I'm English*. Thank-you that I'm not Australian.

Just because. Just because.

* And Welsh. It is the England & Wales Cricket Board, after-all.......

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Having dropped a howler of a catch myself in a club game, you never quite get over it (especially when that batsman went on to bat us out of the match, and I dropped him on 7...:embarrassed:). That makes me wince even now, 15 years later.


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Mate of mine no only missed a catch but disappeared backwards over a Ha Ha as he was looking up at the ball. Oh we did laugh. Strangely he didn't find it quite as amusing, might have been something to do with the broken arm.

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Sorry, I could only think of this:

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This Ashes series seems to be played in some sort of parallel universe, were England can't bat or bowl, and the Aussies are batting and bowling really well.
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