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So, another new idea for a quiz. The theme of this quiz is that every answer is a driver or engine supplier or otherwise involved in the McLaren Formula One team, except for Q10 which is a McLaren based question. Hopefully, we'll uncover some drivers you forgot drove for McLaren, and we can all call our scores.

1. Which driver scored two fastest laps in his first three races for McLaren but did not score any more?

Heikki Kovalainen

2. Which driver won races in 1980 and 1991?

Nelson Piquet

3. Who scored a podium in his only finish of 1997?

Alex Wurz

4. Who scored most points under the 2003-09 points system (in 2003-09)?

Fernando Alonso

5. Which circuit saw a podium made up of past, present or future drivers for both the Ferrari and Jordan teams in 1995, but did not include Michael Schumacher?

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (Jean Alesi, Rubens Barrichello & Eddie Irvine)

6. When there were only 3 finishers at the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix, who finished 6th, 5 laps down, after colliding with a countryman?

Mika Hakkinen

7. Who's final season in F1 consisted of 12 dnpqs with the Life Racing Engines team?

Bruno Giacomelli

8. Which former McLaren engine supplier finished with a non-points score in 2000?

Peugeot, with Prost

9. Which, in terms of races won, was the second most successful constructor in the 1950s?

Alfa Romeo

10. What is the link in this sequence of McLaren World Champions?

Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Ayrton Senna and Mika Hakkinen

McLaren won the Constructors Championship in the years these drivers took the World Title for McLaren.

McLaren have never won the Constructors Championship in a year they did not win the Drivers Championship, but have won 4 Drivers Championships when not Constructors Champions (1976, 1986, 1999, 2008)
Flippin' eck... 0​
Some dubious interpretations of "otherwise involved" in there though... excuses excuses!​
I scored a magnificent one point*!

I get the feeling that one point is my quiz limit, as I've struggled to score more than one point for aeons...:s

*Q8 was the answer that provided this result. Initially I said out loud my answer. I then thought about it a bit more and changed my answer to another engine supplier. Upon pressing the answer button, it transpired that my initial response was the correct one. Luckily, I decided that I can only accept the first answer I gave, so I was correct..! :1st:
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