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If there is to be an engine freeze then this year will be either a huge input for performance or three manufactures and development of a bullet proof engine on another before the engines are labelled under different name for two of them. If the same engine rules continue for another 5 years it is possible that others may join in.
We may end up with Mugen, Ilmor, Alpine, or Aston Martin, doubtful if Red Bull will market an engine under their name as no marketing advantage for a drinks company, choose your options.
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So unless Red Bull didn’t get their way they were going to pull the plug. It seems like blackmail to me.
true but blame Bernie Ecclestone for that the way f1 finances have been they were the ones that didnt stop the amount to win the drivers title went from 55m in 1998 to 300m in 2018 . the last 20-25 yrs means that teams have more sway & we cant afford to lose any one. because even haas going is serious as it puts to 18 cars now

i highly doubt any new entrant would come Dartman . as Honda spending a billion dollars for their reputation to be dragged through the mud. who else is going to do that with the new simpler engines in 2025

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Last time there was an engine freeze it allowed changes on the grounds of "reliability". Presumably this method of power enhancement will be allowed again.


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It's amazing how much power you can get with a reliability upgrade, increased reliability means you can run longer on a higher engine mode.


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With the new McLaren having been launched it would appear from these pictures that, without the floor pan, the cars are almost back to their early 70s widths.

If they really wanted a way to significantly reduce downforce then surely a rule along the lines of the floor not being able to extend beyond the monocoque would have a significant impact?



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For 2021, the compounds are pretty much aligned with what's been used in the past – although softer rubber will be taken to Baku and Brazil.

Isola: "The first is Azerbaijan, where our C2 hard tyre wasn't used last time, so we are now going with the softest selection of all: C3, C4 and C5. Then we have Brazil, where we will take the C2, C3 and C4 this year, as the C1 that was selected as the hardest choice last time didn't show a particularly big advantage in terms of wear over the medium. In both cases, the softer nomination could lead to a greater variety of race strategies".



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Wow, when was the last time we had a B version of a car?

Question, are these the bigger wheels?


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Who knows, but sure looks like a bigger snow plow.

I know we're going later into the year but that's taking the piss.
They won't let them race in the rain; what are they going to do with a blizzard?
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