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Well Aston Martin should be interesting to watch given Vettel is suppose a better driver than Perez so the team should score points theoretically and get more podiums

Perez should be getting more points than Albon but also beat Bottas in the process in some races

The battle at Haas will determine either Mazepin should be dropped and only in because of his Dad or Schumacher is already a Haas been

I am interesting to see Alpine really climb up the grid

Mclaren still think they are about a second off the pace but this season could be where Lando jumps into light speed

Finally Williams with Mercedes parts ought to be up to the midfield

This leaves Alfa at the back if the grid with Haas


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i think he just bringing his attitude from Force India Racing Point Aston Martin. where he's been over achieving for years. but yes they just avoid the title talk


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as brilliant video from james allison. looks like they are quite severe changes, i think from my knowledge it worked up to 2 seconds performance taken off them



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Interesting that there was no mention of Medcedes F1 team, it was all the company, we, and the power unit company, I know he was talking about the regulations but normally the team is always mentioned usually quite a lot.


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The current schedule if you want to set your Sky - no more 10 past the hour starts.


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Why would Lewis Hamilton want to give anyone the chance to get a leg up and have a chance of winning the championship.It’s not as if having a veto is a new thing, just ask Ferrari.
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I don't think Hamilton has anything to worry about or prove.

Perhaps he just wants to prevent being paired with an annoying **** like Verstappen.

More joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, than over ninety and nine just persons who need no repentance.

Or, better late than never! :p


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maybe its a small chance it could be keep harmony, but he might be 1 of greatest of all time & the best driver of last 25 years. but he is an employee, he shouldnt get to choose his teammate, you dont see Paul Pogba wanting a veto on man utd incoming transfers & its exactly how he started his career with fernando alonso.

as i say we are talking about 1 of greatest of all time & the best driver of the last 25 years. debates who would win Prime Hamilton v Prime Schumacher. a veto just gives an air of i cant beat them. i dont like Prost but i admire him for telling mclaren to go out & sign senna. if he did beat Russell & Verstappen in same car his legacy would rocket


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he is an employee, he shouldnt get to choose his teammate
The number one driver not having a veto is the the exception, not the rule.

you dont see Paul Pogba wanting a veto on man utd incoming transfers
Totally incomparable.
Football players aren't simultaneously competing for a team and individual championship.

Wait until you find out Ferrari has a technical veto over the other teams ...


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very disappointed in the Veto, im a fan of Lewis Hamilton, always have since 2006 in GP2 & huge respect for him. but what happened to i want Red Bull to improve to have a fight/battle on track & what i wasnt expecting considering he is 1 of the best ever. it shows a lack of confidence he could beat russell or max in same car
I don't think he would veto Russell. I do think he would veto Max. My sense is he wants 2 things:
1) Control over his succession planning. Michael also played a role in selecting Massa as his successor.
2) Positive team dynamics which are conducive to success. i.e. Avoiding a Rosberg situation. It is not inconceivable that Ferrari could have won the 2018 drivers championship if Rosberg has been on board.
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If a veto was good enough for Prost to stop Senna in 1993, and Senna vetoing Derek Warwick in 1985 then surely it is good enough for Hamilton to use one in 2021.
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