Pre-GP Quiz The 2016 British Grand Prix Quiz


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A Jim Clark themed British Grand Prix quiz, just for all you youngsters out there.

1. How many times did Clark win the British Grand Prix?

5 times

2. What years? For every year you get right you get an equal share of 1 point.

1962, 63, 64, 65 and 1967

3. Of the years he won, how many of them was Clark on pole?

All 5

4. Who was Jim Clark's team mate in 1962?

Trevor Taylor

5. We live in a world of FOM created monopoly tyre supply but which supplier had the monopoly in 1962 and 1963?


6. Clark took a Grand Chelem (Pole, all laps led and fastest lap) at two British Grands Prix. Which years?

1962 and 1964

7. How many Grand Chelem did Clark take in total in his career?


8. There were 20 starters at Clark's last win in 1967. How many were, or were to become, winners of the Drivers World Championship?

7 - Clark, Hulme, Brabham, Surtees, Hill (G), Rindt and Stewart

9. The British Grand Prix cycled between Silverstone and Brands Hatch from 1963 to 1986 . Clark won three races at Silverstone and one at Brands. What other circuit did he win the British Grand Prix at?


10. Who had a hit in 1968, the year Clark died, with the song you are now humming?

Louis Armstrong - the song is What a Wonderful World in case you hadn't worked it out
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5 however I would like to challenge Question 8. The last name of those fine gentleman never won a world title.
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