The 2009 Quiz


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Today it is time to remember the year just gone with the 2009 Quiz. I hope you can remember the year just gone...!

  1. Heikki Kovalainen famously equalled Felipe Massa on 22 points at the end of the season. How many points did the Finn have before the Hungarian GP?

    5; 4 from China and 1 from Germany
  2. Jenson Button became the first driver to win a half-point race since Ayrton Senna in 1991. Who picked up the lonely ½ point?

    Nico Rosberg
  3. All constructors scored points in the Constructors Championship for the first time since which year?

    2005 (if you count McLaren as non-scorers in 2007. ½ point for guessing 2007.)
  4. At the Belgian GP, Force India scored their first pole before their first points. Who were the last team to do so?

    Brawn at the Australian GP! FI are the only team ever to have scored their first pole before first points without poling on début.
  5. Nick Heidfeld beat team-mate Robert Kubica on the points table this year despite his 2nd place at the Malaysian GP being worth half of Kubica's at Interlagos. How many podiums has Quick Nick now achieved without winning a race?

    A record (shared with Stefan Johansson) of 12; most of which included Safety Cars and/or rain!
  6. There were 13 drivers who led laps in 2009! Given the six race winners (Hamilton, Raikkonen, the two Red Bulls and the two Brawns), name the other 7!

    Rosberg 16, Alonso 15, Glock 10, Massa 6, Fisichella 4, Trulli 3 and Kovalainen 2. (Button 280, Vettel 212, Hamilton 182, Barrichello 125, Webber 90 and Raikkonen 43)
  7. Who was the first lapped runner in the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi?

    Giancarlo Fisichella, making Mika Salo look like the substitute from heaven!
  8. How many races did it take Jenson Button to equal or better his 2007+2008 score?

    1! He scored 6+3=9 points in 2007-8, he scored 10 in the Australian GP!
  9. Who is the only driver who's finishing position in the Drivers Championship corresponded to his car number?

    Timo Glock #10 in 10th.
  10. And a decade-spanning question. Kamui Kobayashi and Luca Badoer became the only two drivers this decade to race less than twice. Romain Grosjean and Jaime Alguersuari also raced less than 10 times. Name the 5 drivers who did not race this year to have raced less than 10 F1 races this decade.

    Franck Montagny (Fra, SupA, 2006, 7); Nicolas Kiesa (Den, Min, 2003, 5); Yuji Ide (Jap, SupA, 2006, 4); Tomas Enge (Cze, Pro, 2001, 3) and Markus Winklehock (Ger, Spy, 2007, 1)
2 and 2/35ths (I got 6/7 on Q.6 and 1/5 on Q.10 which, if my school boy maths is correct, adds up to 37/35ths)

Thanks as always TBY and for stretching my brain to try and remember how to add fractions LOL
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