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As an occasional quiz poster (altough not in TBY's class) I thought I would set a quiz on my first and favourite F1 season - 1980

1. Riccardo Zunino started the season as Nelson Piquet's team mate at Brabham, who replaced him from the British Grand Prix onwards?

Hector Rebaque

2. Derek Daly in a Tyrrell famously cart wheeled down the track at Monaco. Apart from his team mate which other drivers did he take out of the race (1/2 point for each)?

Bruno Giacomelli & Alain Prost

3. Mike Thackwell was (arguably) the youngest driver to Qualify for a Grand Prix in Canada until Jaime Alguersuari in Hungary 2009. How old was he (Years & Days 1/2 point if 10 days either side)

19 years & 182 days

4. Alan Jones was Champion in 1980 with 67 points, how many points did he actually score?

71 - 1 point if you said 80 as Jones won the Spanish GP, which was boycotted by the FISA supporting teams and classified as non championship race

5. Elio de Angelis was the 2nd driver at Lotus, what was his highest finish in 1980?

2nd in Brazil

6. Jan Lammers drove for ATS and Ensign this season. What was his highest grid position and where (1/2 point for each)?

4th at Long Beach (US GP West)

7. Ferrari were the defending Constructors Champions in 1980 having scored 113 points in 1979. How many points did they score in 1980?

8 (yes really)

8. An astonishing 40 drivers tried to qualify for the 14 races which took place. How many were classified in the final standings table?


9. 3 American drivers were entered for races in 1980- Mario Andretti, Eddie Cheever and who?

Kevin Cogan in a RAM Williams at the Canadian GP

10. Alain Prost made his debut in 1980 with Mclaren but didn't take part at the Long Beach Grand prix after injuring his wrist in South Africa. Who was the stand in driver?

Stephen South
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