Has anybody noticed how EVERY RACE denigrates into a ONE CAR RACE?

Is this what you want to see when you tune into the Formula One races ?
Or do you want to see 5 or 6 cars fighting for 10th place?
I want to see 5 or 6 cars ...not only one car all the time.
Unfortunately these directors appear to be total morons with no sense of "how to follow the action"
especially if they think one car is the action????

I've lost interest in Formula One because of the pathetic television coverage
(I've been a fan since James Hunt raced Niki Lauda).

They have over 30 cameras at their disposal and yet every shot is practically the same? WTF? C'mon man.
ZOOM AND PAN ZOOM AND PAN ZOOM AND PAN ... then they change it up to
PAN AND ZOOM PAN AND ZOOM, this way you get a nice blurry close up of part of the car.
Pretty exciting stuff huh? NOT.
- Why not a wider shot so we can see more cars more of the time? NO WAY, that's impossible for these directors.
- How would you like seeing all 20 cars coming at you dicing for a place at 150 mph, don't count on it, they don't know how to do it.
- or sitting on the wall at the exit of Turn 13 in Baku and seeing all 20 cars fly by at 150 mph, you are never, never gonna see that.
- or shooting across the esses at any track and sitting on a wide shot (like the corner where Mick crashed this year)! Forget about it.
- Wouldn't it be cool to see all the cars, one after the other, as they swing back and forth through the esses? It ain't gonna happen.
- How often have you seen the rear end of these cars as they swing through the corners and head up the straight, NEVER!
This is a partial list of ideas, you'll just get depressed if I told you all of the amazing shots you could be seeing during every race...
but probably never will.

You're never gonna see any of these fantastic shots because whoever is calling the TV coverage is a blind monkey,
you can tell this by the boring and monotonous camera shots race after race.
There is no imagination in that cranium boys, we're screwed.

Enjoy the lame ass TV coverage of the Formula One races,
it could be 100% better with my suggestions by the next race.
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