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It has been noted that more and more members are breaching the site rules with regards to swearing.

The rules are clear and can be found here:

For reference the relevant section has been copied and pasted below.

The site is open to minors so please refrain from using inappropriate or crude language whenever possible; a general rule of thumb is to imagine a young child reading what you have written.
If you do wish to swear just type the word normally and the word censor will do the rest, or alternatively you can use the :censored: smiley. Please do not bypass the word censor by substituting letters with asterisks (*), numbers or other letters, by spacing letters out, swapping them around, or by replacing part of the word with a smiley, e.g. "d :censored: n".
Even if a word is currently permitted, do not post in such a way as to disguise it as it may be added to the word censor in the future.

Your cooperation is appreciated.
Can everyone please ensure they comply with the rules related to cursing and swearing?

Just type the words normally and if they are unacceptable they will be automatically censored.

This thread explains the reasoning behind this:

A lot of people access the site from work and company firewalls can sometimes limit access due to keywords, hence why we filter out the worse ones.
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