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Hans Heyer
I'll be honest, a few of these I didn't know, but the quiz should be challenging enough for you all :). (You may notice a bias to negative achievments, but this is because they should be more obscure. Enjoy!

1. In which year did the Championship winner score only three Podiums?
Farina in 1950 - they were all wins!

2. Whcih driver has had the most Pole Positions without ever winning the world championship?
Rene Arnoux with 18

3. Of the nine tyre suppliers ever to race in Formula 1, which has never won a race.

4. Which were the two races that were restarted twice? 1/2 for each.
1987 Austrian Grand Prix
1990 Belgain Grand Prix

5. One Racetrack has been called three different Grands Prix. Name it.
Nurburgring - German, Luxembourg, and European

6. Which two countries have held just one GP each? 1/2 for each
Morocco and Korea (soon to be just Morocco)

7. Bernie Eccelstone had a short F1 career, he raced at Monaco, and Silverstone. In what year?
1958. He failed to qualify in both :snigger:

8. Which nationality has won just one race?
Poland, with Kubica's win in Canada 2008

9. Since 1950, two countries have held a race every year. Name them for 1/2 point each.
Britain and Italy

10. Including the Indy 500's only one year there has not been a race in North America. When was it?
A return to form with 6 1/2

Although i have quibble with one of the questions.

Which was the only race to have been restarted twice?, Didn't Spa 2001 have two restarts, one after a car stalled, another after Luchiano burti's Accident
Thanks for pointing that out,
Both that Brogan mentioned were red-falgged twice, but the one AMR mentioned was restarted after the stallers, and then one red-flag for the crash. Not sure what the difference is, but spa 01 only had one red flag.

Also thank FB for sorting out the button :)
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