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We're looking for some feedback on smilies.

The current smilies can be seen in the dropdown menu on the editor.
We've had these pretty much since the start, with a few additions and removals over the years.

Now that we're on the new software, what are everyone's thoughts on the default smilies which ship with it?
They can be seen here:

That is the basic set, but it is currently being extended to 100 smilies. Here's an early preview.


A couple of points to note about the two different sets:
  1. The existing smilies are animated, the new ones aren't.
  2. The existing smilies are all different sizes, the new ones are all a uniform size (20px).
  3. There isn't a like for like replacement, we would lose a lot of existing smilies.
  4. The new smilies are sprited which will allow for faster loading and less data transfer.
Here are some examples of the more common smilies side by side.








All comments and opinions are welcome.
Most of them look pretty like for like although I think the rolling around laughing one is a tad confusing if you saw it on its own. Could be an upside down scream.

As someone who doesn't use smileys that often I can't say I have any big objection to them being changed however I'll also say that the current set of smileys have never led to me experience any delay in loading time on any PC I've used and if thats the case with everyone I'm not sure what the advantage of the new smileys would be.

I'm also worried I might abuse the new Hitler smiley!

BTW - I think its great you let us all have a say on this stuff Bro and don't just make it a 'suck it and see' scenario. If only you ran Facebook then I probably wouldn't be so confused everytime I logged in.
I think on balance the old smilies are winning for me however I do like a couple of the ruder smilies from the new set but I fear they would be miss used. The "giving the bird" smilie for example may cause a bit of offence.
Can the current smilies be expanded upon..?
There are several hundred in storage, but it's more a logistical issue than anything else.
The smilie dropdown on posts, chat and PMs is already quite large and breaking out of the page boundaries in some instances.
Any new ones that are added would result in the dropdown increasing in either width, height or both and that would be an issue.

In addition, the more animated smilies you add, the slower the page gets.

That is one advantage the new smilies would have as they are so much smaller and a uniform size.
Hey Brogan, dunno about others but I’ve never had a problem with pages loading slowly due to the amount of animated smilies on the page (least not that I’ve noticed).
I use them on the forum pages, when you open them up yes sometimes the bottoms cut off the page but its not a problem I just pan down, increasing the box on its width would be no problem to me either as there’s lots of room either side when I open the smilies box.
As I say, I quite like the current ones.
Hope the feedback helps. :thumbsup:
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