Sky F1 2013

Paying the money to have cameras and all necessary personnel at a test is a big step forward. It really shows how the fans hunger for F1 news is being heard by the broadcasters. Hopefully come winter next season we may get tv footage from all the tests. Who knows maybe the F1 website will actually have the live testing running. Fingers crossed.
Great news.
She was a completely pointless appendage and really looked out of place as she had no clue what she was supposed to be offering analysis on.
If you're thinking of getting Sky, do so before they put the new contract details in place.

Another change for new subscribers is that Sky F1 HD is now only available with a full Sky Sports subscription and HD booster.
Existing subscribers to the £10.25/month HD boost will still get Sky F1 HD without Sky Sports, and Sky said there are no plans to change that in future seasons.

I just hope the final sentence doesn't become one of those statement which is superseded by a contract change in a few months time...

The changes take place in April.
Following on from Brogan's post a little above and reading a thread from another forum...

It's going to cost at least £41.50 a month to watch every F1 race live on British television through SKY
Even then, it won't even be in HD for that price. For that you'll have to pay another £10.00ish.
Exisiting Sky customers, hurry up if I were you and get yourself the HD only add-on only and you'll get the F1 HD channel and keep it after the changes they're proposing.
2007 Aus GP on Sky F1 in 20 minutes. Looks like it's the whole race judging by the program length and it also claims to be in HD. Anyone know how long they've been replaying past races? Never noticed it before.
Simon Lazneby is just a twat, acts like a school teenager and tries to stir things that no need to be stirred.

Johnny Herbert is one of the worst pundits I've seen, just seems to go along of the opinions of what a 'casual fan' would do, rather than a real insider with solid knowledge.

Damon Hill looks as if he's setting his eyes on some prey as if he's a lion...wish I had that look, scare people off.
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