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As the proud winner of the last SS it's my turn to put up the next one so my question is this:

Schuey has had a rough start on his return to F1 so what I would like to know is how far will Schuey be behind the eventual winner.

The winner of the sweepstake will be the closest under the actual distance. (in time or laps depending)

You can post 0 if you think Schuey will win. A time if you think Schuey will be on the lead lap or a lap if you really want to gamble and don't think either Schuey will be on the lead lap or that he will fail to finish.

To help you with your thinking the lap record at Sepang was set by J.P.M in 2004 and stands at 1.34.223

Good luck. C_A_T
Brogan said:
I'll go for 20 seconds.

Interesting Bro, that either means you think Schuey is on for a podium spot or you think that by posting 20 seconds there is no way you can win and thus avoid having to post the next SS.

Hmmmmm :whistle:

I'm going to go for 50secs.
FB said:
Schumie win in the wet so 0 seconds for me.

What a story that would be. 20/1 with the bookies if you're confident about that. :D

fat_jez said:
2 minutes

I'll take that as over 1 lap (but less than 2) Jez. Don't think they give times after +1 lap behind the leader.
Here's a quick round up of what we've had so far:

FB - 0 (Schuey to win)
Bro - 20secs
Matthew - 25 Secs
TBY - 40secs
Slick - 33.26 Secs
Muddy - 45 Secs
C_A_T - 50secs
Fat Jez - 1 Lap
Boyle66 - 20 laps

That honor goes to Boyle66 who, with 20 laps behind the leader, was the closest without going over.

McZ's lap 1 retirement (58 laps behind the leader) was close but over unfortunatly.
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