Senna Helmet "curse"

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An interesting observation over the weekend - since Ayrton Senna's tragic death 26 years ago, a number of drivers have raced in a "tribute" helmet. If we omit Bruno (for obvious reasons), the following drivers have used tribute helmets:
  • Barrichello (Brazil 1995)
  • Hamilton (Brazil 2011)
  • Gasly (San Marino 2020)
What do all of these races have in common? Not much, other than that the drivers retired from the race. I can't think of a Senna tribute helmet being successful.
Lewis Hamilton's first F1 helmet designs were a tribute to Ayrton Senna and it didn't do much harm to his career.
I’m thinking of the “one-off” tribute helmets... Hamilton’s helmet in Brazil 2011 had the green lining (like Senna), and the Senna Ss on the back...

Hamilton’s ordinary helmet was “only yellow so his dad could see him when he was karting..”
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