Poll Sebastian Vettel's ever increasing circles

What is the cause of all the spins Sebastian Vettel is having?

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In my time in F1 I've never witnessed a driver have so many spins in similar circumstances in such a short space of time. Now 99.9% of us understand that, whether we like him or not, Sebastian Vettel is a top class driver so why on earth does this keep happening to him?



Many things have been suggested with the latest being an 'aero hole' that effects the Ferrari more then others when there are other cars alongside. This would explain why Vettel has gone round in a spin in some very odd ways. For instance the one in Brazil he appeared to go round a different way to what you would expect.



I would have gone along with that one if it hadn't been happening so frequently and only to Sebastian. Could it be that Vettel is either making errors in anger or, worse, 'cracking' under pressure? He managed to wreck his tyres do badly in Bahrain yesterday that it ripped his wing off - I can't even remember the last time I saw that happen from a simple spin with no collision.


It's all very much speculation as we all know neither Vettel nor Ferrari will reveal to us what the real answer is so we'll never know. Therefore I thought I'd put it out there to CTA to see what all our views are. Please see the options given and feel free to make an argument for what you vote- also you can change your vote if someone wins you over.
Vettel has always had problems under pressure, ie some one closing on him fast, the first instance was 2011 in Canada when he went off on the last lap with Button closing in fast, there is no problem with team mates, that's controlled by the pit wall instructions:whistle:
I could have chosen several of those options, I went with anger and frustration in the end though. It's just sad to watch, that's all I know.
I think if you actually systematically go through his 2010-2013 seasons (not that I have), you will see several mistakes a season. He has always been mistake prone, it was just covered by driving the superior Red Bull.

What I really see is that he has not improved as a driver over the years, whereas Hamilton has gotten stronger.

Of course, what we really need is someone to go through all his seasons and add up his mistakes and errors each season. That may take some time.
I think that Vettel needs to be 100% safe inside a team, he needs a lot of attention and TLC, Ferrari doesn't work like that, to me he doesn't look very happy or comfortable in there. As a consequence he makes mistakes. Also I think that Ferrari didn't defend him in the past when the FIA punished him for no good reason and now every time that he gets into a dice he's on the backfoot, he's always spinning when he's on the inside, normally if you make a mistake when you're on the inside you it the car on the outside, that doesn't happen to him, he always finds himself in a situation where he needs to close his line mid-turn and spins.

I don't see many way out from this situation other than him joining Mercedes (where they coccon their lead driver and have a much louder voice with the stewards)
I need to add something, it's likely to only get worse and Charles Leclerc gets more conifdent with the team and does well. We saw a glimpse of that on Sunday I'd say.
Daniel beat him as teammates in the Redbull. Lewis beat him last year in very equally matched cars. And now Charles is beating him at Ferrari.

He has realised he isn't as good as he thought he was and he is panicking.
Blind panic I think. As Dartman suggested he’s always panicked under pressure. If Ferrari are making his life uncomfortable because he isn’t getting the wins and Leclerc is beating him hands down, he sees the writing on the wall.
What I really see is that he has not improved as a driver over the years, whereas Hamilton has gotten stronger.

Hamilton grew stronger only after he got rid of Rosberg, before he used to make mistakes, in a sense Hamitlon and Vettel seem similar in this respect, they both need to be the only focus of their respective teams. Hamilton (now) is in that situation, Vettel isn't (he was in such situation at RBR when he won 4 WDCs)
on spinning 2012 Brazilian gp

He has realised he isn't as good as he thought he was and he is panicking.

well there is a reason why he isnt rated as highly as he should or some other drivers despite being a 4 time world champion, because there was a feeling that his car was that far clear of everyone & it part of the reason for the victory & on Leclerc I was listen to chequered flag podcast, jack nicholls made a huge claim he said based on that race. he thinks Leclerc wouldve won 2018 title
Well, we are only two races into a 21 race formula one season. It is probably a little early to be making conclusions, but yes, Vettel does make more mistakes than one would expect to see from a top driver. The real question is who will qualify ahead of whom at Ferrari in the next two races.
Vettel 's problem is taking pressure at the heat of the moment. He seems to tighten up and his moves always seem to be clumsy or ill advised Its a pattern throughout his Red Bull career as well.. lucky his teammate was only Webber for 5 years

The management set up at Ferrari has not helped either being indecisive whether its a No 1 and No 2 situation. Ferrari are not like when Ross Brawn was when in charge who said Schumacher was an out and out racer and therefore will make mistakes but win more along the way
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