Rookies Half-Term Report


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So Schools out for summer and the racing drivers get to spend their days in endless hours of sunshine chasing dragon flys, catching frogs and boating off to islands in true swallows and amazons stylee. Whilst most of the established drivers won't care two hoots about that half-term report card they'll be bringing home for the new boys in the school of F1 will be nervously handing them over to their parents hoping for a reaction. Shall we take a look?

Romain Grosjean

Not technically a rookie as had a brief spell at the F1 school before but for all intents and purposes is a new boy and has surprised all at how quickly he caught up with the rest of the class. Has shown willingness to work hard and ambition and has not been phased by the older pupils especially his rather intemidating desk mate. Has had a tendancy to get into playground rough housing with other pupils usally at the start of the day which has not help his work on that day.

Conclusion: Seems he's here to stay in the top half of the class for the foreseeable future


Qualifying: B
Grid Starts: D+
Race Craft: B
Overall Pace: A

Danial Ricciardo

Was first introduced to the class by School Governer Jordan as the next head boy of the school and despite doing well in the Red Bull accelerated learning programme has struggled to live up to that tag. Seems exceptionally competitve with deskmate Jean Eric Vergne infact the pair can barely be seperated and often seem to be following each other round. Whilst not excelling in most subjects Danial has shown a great knack in Qualifying unfourtunatly this is brought down by his terrible performance in Grid Starts.

Conclusion: In no danger yet of being asked to leave the school but a better second half of term would be much better for any future prospects


Qualifying: A
Grid Starts: E
Race Craft: C
Overall Pace: C

Jean-Eric Vergne

Much like his fellow new boy desk mate Jean-Eric has suffered much from being positioned so far adrift from the rest of the pupils however it has been plain to see that during the Qualifying studies he has been paying no attention what so ever and has time and time again come away with poor results. The rest of his subjects though are pretty solid and indeed he was excelling during a topic on the principality of Monaco and would have come out with one of the top scores in the class but for an unlucky choice on essay question. He is the youngest boy in the class but will only be able to hide behind that excuse for so long.

Conclusion: Was deemed by many to have arrived at this school a year or so too early and may be proving them right. Would be wrong not to let him back next year as the potential is there but if he doesn't have a good second half of term his early arrival here could do him more harm than good.


Qualifying: F
Grid Starts: C
Race Craft: B
Overall Pace: C

Charles Pic:

Whilst his good looks brought him attention when he initially arrived at the school his desk is placed so far at the back of the class that he really struggles to make an impact. Often the teachers and pupils refer to him as Jerome by accident as he was the boy that sat in his seat last year who got similar (if not slightly better) results as Charles. Took him a while to get on terms with experienced back of the classer Timo but has come better off than himon a few occasions but not enough to stand out which he really needs to if he hopes to stay where he is.

Conclusion: Was impressing at his old school and really should ave stayed there a year longer so as to move up with a more impressive record. Whilst he is gaining much needed experience here he's also failing to make an impression on anyone.


Qualifying: C
Grid Starts: C
Race Craft: C
Overall Pace: D

Do any of the other Masters have anything to add to these reports?
Grosjean has beaten Raikkonen more often than not in qualifying. That makes his qualifying performance an A in my opinion. Also, as Galahad says, Pic seems to be gradually making a name for himself whilst the Toro Rosso drivers have probably harmed their reputation more than helped it so far (they're not being helped by the car though).
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