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How did you rate the Spanish Grand Prix?

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I have a feeling I know how this poll will play out but all the same, let's hear your views on the 2020 Spanish GP.

As always, rate out of 10 and comment below:
Despise this track. I understand given the unusual year that we’re in that F1 has to race anywhere it can fit in the calendar, I’m just glad they didn’t make Spain a double header.
beat me to it cider_and_toast LOL

2 - it usually the worst grand prix of the season. this is was no different. very thankful for McLaren Ferrari Renault battles in mid race. otherwise we wouldve had 66 laps of nothing
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1 - So dull I'm going to review this race wearing a pair of Sky Sports issue commentator Rose tinted sun glasses.

Glasses on:

"What a highly absorbing race. Hamilton drove brilliantly to manage his tyres. It wasn't the hardest win of his outstanding career but a great victory all the same. The midfield battle was superb and if only we had a few more laps to see if they could have over taken each other. It was a brilliantly tactical race with the respective pit walls all playing a part in helping their drivers understand how they were doing at each and every corner, helping them to decide how and when to squeeze that vital tenth out of every turn of the wheel. The driver of the day was clearly Sebastian Vettel who deserved his accolade for not being as bad as he was at the previous races. This race highlights that even when there isn't much in track action, F1 is still the greatest show on earth"

Glasses off:
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