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Ok guys the original plan was to create a quiz about F1 and its connections to the US. But I soon ran out of questions and decided to make the quiz anyway. So have fun:)

1. Back in the 1950s, when the Indy 500 was part of the F1 World Championship, who was the only driver to win the Indy 500 twice?
Bill Vukovich

2. Which former F1 driver had a major accident in the 1981 Indy 500, that almost cost him his life?
Danny Ongais

3. When F1 returned to Indy in 2000, just before the start of the race, Ferrari and McLaren convinced race organisers to move the grid positions back one row. Why was that
To avoid wheelspin on the bricks that are left on the start/finish line

4. Which team scored their first ever point at the 2006 US Grand Prix in Indianapolis? And who was the driver to achieve that? (1/2 point each)
Toro Rosso, Tonio Liuzzi

5. Which tragic event took place, when Ricardo Rodriguez entered his first ever Grand Prix?
It was the GP in which Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips died, the 1961 Italian Grand Prix

6. At which race in the 1997 Formula 1 season did Damon Hill score his first points for Arrows-Yamaha?
At the British Grand Prix

7. For the 2012 Formula 1 season Heikki Kovalainen changed his helmet design in order to advertise what?
Angry Birds...whoever knew that, receives an :1st:

8. Sergio Perez finished second for Sauber at the Malaysian GP a few weeks ago. Excluding the BMW years. Who did score Sauber's last podium finish and where? (1/2 point each)
Heinz Harald Frentzen at the 2003 US Grand Prix...Haha another US-connection8-)

9. Nicolas Larini scored points in F1 on two occasions. One was the tragic 1994 San Marino GP, where he finished second. When and where did he do it again? (1/2 point each)
At the 1997 Australian Grand Prix

10. Behind Alberto Ascari, who has won 13 races, which Italian driver has won the most races?
Riccardo Patrese (6)
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