Random Quiz V


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Hey guys, just had the idea of making another quiz for you, I hope you enjoy it:)

1. Who scored his only F1 point ever in the 1993 Brazilian Grand Prix?
Alessandro Zanardi

2. Where and when did Joakim Bonnier win his first and only Grand Prix? (1/2 point each)
1959 Dutch Grand Prix

3. Name the three drivers racing for the Footwork/Arrows team in 1990! (1/3 point each)
Michele Alboreto, Bernd Schneider and Alex Caffi

4. If the two Ferraris would have been excluded from the 1999 Malaysian Grand Prix, the drivers of which team would have scored podium finishes?
The two Stewart GPs of Johnny Herbert and Rubens Barrichello

5. When Sebastian Buemi entered F1 in 2009 he was the first Swiss driver since...
Jean-Denis Délétraz

6. Jackie Stewart won the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix for BRM, it took them more than 4 years to win another Grand Prix. Who did it and where? (1/2 point each)
Pedro Rodriguez, Spa

7. What was Fernando Alonso's best finish in his first season in F1 driving for Minardi?
10th in the German Grand Prix

8. There have been three tracks on which Nelson Piquet won three times. Name them! (1/3 point each)
Montreal, Monza, Hockenheim

9. At the 1971 Dutch Grand Prix a German driver was disqualified from the race. Who was it?
Rolf Stommelen

10. Track marshall Jansen Van Vuuren was killed by Tom Pryce's car at the 1977 South African Grand Prix. Which driver only just avoided Van Vuuren a split second before that?
Hans-Joachim Stuck
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