Random Quiz II


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Alright, since I got nothing to do today, here is another quiz for you:D

1. What did Francois Cevert's fatal accident at the qualifying for the 1973 US GP at Watkins Glen mean for Sir Jackie Stewart? (apart from great sadness)
He did not race in what was supposed to be his 100th and last Grand Prix, because Ken Tyrell team withdrew Stewart's car from the race, after the team's other driver Cevert died

2. Where did David Coulthard win his first GP?
Portuguese GP in 1995 (Estoril)

3. Who drove his last race at the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix?
Antonio Pizzonia

4. 15 out of 16 races in 1988 were won by the two McLaren drivers Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Who was the other driver to win a race this season? Which team did he drive for? Which race did he win? (1/3 for each part of the question)
Gerhard Berger, Ferrari, Italian GP

5. When was the last time we had a GP in Argentina and who won the race (1/2 point for each part of the question)
1998, Michael Schumacher

6. Jacques Villeneuve went from Williams to BAR in 1999. How many races did it take him to finish a race?

7. Who had his best ever F1 result at the 1999 German GP?
Mika Salo finished 2nd, when replacing the injured Michael Schumacher for Ferrari

8. In 1968 Jim Clark died during a Formula 2 race at Hockenheim. Who finished 11th in that race?
Max Mosley

9. How many Pole Positions did Niki Lauda have in his 1984 title winning season?

10. Sebastian Vettel has won his 18th Grand Prix at Monza last weekend. Which other driver has also won 18 Grand Prix?
Kimi Raikkonen
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