Raikkonen to miss last 2 races


A fine chap if ever there was one.

Well, it seems Kimi won't do the last 2 races for Lotus after all. In my opinion Kimi's decided it's over with Lotus for obvious reasons and he might as well have his op at their expense rather than at his own or Ferrari's. Its hard to be unsympathetic to him, although he doesn't need the money Lotus should have ensured they had the capability to pay him.
While I completely agree with Kimi's decision, I have to admit that his absence takes away the last reason I had for watching the races.
I guess that I will just start counting down towards next season that much earlier.
Kimi really hasn't been bothered since he signed for Ferrari anyways so not sure why its thought he'd have rocked up.and won either of the last two races. He'd just keep doing what he's been doing which is qualify way down on whers he should and come through for a semi decent result.

Anyways it looks like Valsecchi will get a 2 race audition to notch his reputation up and land a drive somewhere. He gets a car that has a fist full of podiums and a bunch of drivers with nothing much to fight for. Kid should jump at it.

If he's within half a second of Grosjean in quali and finishes top ten race day I think we can say job well done.
If you think about it from Lotus' perspective, it might also be a good thing. They don't need Kimi's points to secure 4th and 3rd is now unlikely, even if Kimi is magic.

Instead of paying him 50k euros per useless point, they can sell the drive to the highest bidder. Autosport mentions Nasr, but there are others that will no doubt shell out a small fortune for a few races in a car as good as this one.

I wonder if Kimi did jump... Maybe he was pushed and this op is a nice face saving thing all round?
Maybe that is true but at least he brings some entertainment to the sport and now we have nothing to even keep us interested for the last two races I agree with siffert_fan it is a great shame he won't be racing but on the other hand at least Lewis has a chance of breaking his duck of finishing fourth in every season since his WDC although Nico is catching him extremely quickly.
Kimi had his seat fitting at Ferrari the other day - did he do his back then?

I think Kimi is pi$$ed off with not getting paid situaiton and does not care if they don't get 2nd in the constructors even though that is $10m for difference for each position- basically his bonus for points scoring
What entertainment does Kimi bring more than any other driver? Its not like he's been pulling off fantastic overtake after fantastic overtake.

Are we talking about him being a dick on the radio or to the press? coz Eddie Irvine use to do that and no one thought he was cool.

Maybe its me but I really don't see this grand rebelious 'I'll do it my way' cool guy people make out Kimi is.
Eddie was/is a dick head and was in it just for the money and the fame he also felt the need to slag off other drivers not least of which was Damon Hill, Kimi doesn't do that he is cool because what you see is what you get he doesn't hide anything and he doesn't make excuses for who he is and he isn't impressed by anything, and so yeah Kimi provides entertainment on the radio and off the track because there sure ain't any entertainment on the track these days..

If someone swore at you in public telling you to "Get out of the ****ing way." when that someone/team isn't even paying you your righteous wages wouldn't you swear back? Because I ****ing know I would and in no uncertain terms...

I like him because he does his job and all he expects from that is to get no hassle and to be paid, which is all you can ask from a man, I don't get paid then I ain't gonna carry on doin' the job end of, how many drivers have got the guts to say that in F1...?
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I do see your point and thats all fair enough.

I guess I'd rather my drivers not see F1 as a job. It is after all something that millions of people around the world would give their right arm to do not to mention the lifestyle that millions of people want to live and just like the 'hard done by' rock star it all comes across as a little whiney to me.

Poor old Kimi. How does he cope with people asking him questions as he steps off his multi-million personal jet to be chauffer driven to his 5 star hotel where he'll be fed a luxary meal and sleep in a giant king size bed with a super model before heading to the track in the morning to do something millions of people want to do. Not only that I hear he has nowhere to keep his tiaras, his 50's are too big for his wallet and his diamond shoes are too tight.

You are living millions of peoples dreams the least you can do is seem like you enjoy it and spend a couple of hours putting up with being asked stupid questions.
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I didn't say Kimi was the only one that annoyed me but he is the one that makes out the most what an incredible hassle millions of peoples dream job is.

If you don't enjoy it or really can't put up with the odd hour of press questions then move along chap. Plenty who'd love to do it instead of you.

I bet Davidr Valsecchi will not mind doing some PR stuff for an hour at all this weekend.
Kimi had his seat fitting at Ferrari the other day - did he do his back then?

I think Kimi is pi$$ed off with not getting paid situaiton and does not care if they don't get 2nd in the constructors even though that is $10m for difference for each position- basically his bonus for points scoring
It could be Ferrari used the opportunity of the seat fitting to put the bug in his ear. "You know, Kimi, Luca would feel much better about your coming here if your back were better mended."

Medically and tactically, it makes sense because outcome of neurological procedures is neither so swift nor so certain. The timing increases the odds he will be in top kit when he moves to Maranello. Gives him a better running start at the 2014 season. Not to mention, potentially depriving Lotus of ten million WCC dollars undoubtedly makes even him smile.
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potentially depriving Lotus of ten million WCC dollars

What are the odds of them making up the 26 points they need to make that $10m? That was behind my point earlier in the thread, Lotus have figured it is a long shot at best. Otherwise, every point Kimi had got in the last two races was just a cost. I think Lotus will have made over $1m with Kimi's op, maybe more if you include what someone is going to pay for the drive.
jez101 perfect way for Kimi to tell Lopes " Screw you you sting :censored: I can't be bothered racing for you just to get another $10m because you would rather keep it in your own pockets than give me what you I am entitled to"

RasputinLives Difference between Kimi and Irvine was Kimi is in it to win races and championship - yes his managers managed to con Ferrari getting him a great deal at Schumacher wages $50m a year

Irvine meanwhile saw driving for Ferrari as a prestige on his CV and paid quite well for his limited ability - he was more interested in shagging and partying . A bit more Jame Hunt like that way than Kimi who idolised Hunt

Irvine when he wanted to was nothing about :censored:stirrer
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