Raikkonen To Change Engine For British GP


Kimi Raikkonen will most likely start next week's British Grand Prix with a fresh engine. He finished the French Grand Prix with a broken exhaust pipe. According to Ferrari's team boss Stefano Domenicali the team will most likely change Raikkonen's engine.

In case the Ferrari team will change Raikkonen's engine it won't automaticly earn him a ten-place grid penalty for the British Grand Prix. The rules for the 2008 Formula One season say that each driver is allowed one unscheduled engine change without a penalty.

"I would say it is quite likely that we will have to replace the engine. For sure, after such a heavy race from the middle to the end, it's very likely that we have to change it so we need to play the joker that allows us to do it.
- Stefano Domenicali

Does such rule exist?? I have no idea..............
It sure does...this was answered by autounion on 606...

It's sporting reg 28.4 f):
'Except during the last Event of the Championship season, each driver will be permitted to use a replacement engine without incurring a penalty the first time this becomes necessary during the season.'
Hey I'd be using the Joker card as well for Silverstone if I were Kimi .. you never know if there was any damage caused to the engine with the heat from the exhaust .. after all it did burn through the engine caseing. So if there is no penalty for the first occassion this happens then Silverstone seems as good a race as any!

Does anyone know if this rule means he can have a new gearbox as well? .. I think they have to last 4 races, is a gear box classed as part of the engine or not? dunno.
salti - You're right, gearboxes have to be used for four races. There is, as far as I'm aware, no joker rule for gearboxes (unlike engines).

Kimi used a fresh gearbox at Magny-Cours and will have to use it again at Silverstone. However that shouldn't present any particular problem, the damage to the Ferrari looked too high up to have affected it directly.
a joker rule for engines... the mind boggles. but hey, good luck to them! still, its sad most people will see this again as a conspiracy thing. maybe the rules should be a bit more transparent at times.
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