Races of Yore.


Was the racing really more exciting back then?

In this thread you can select any race you like as long as you can find some decent footage and it doesn’t involve any of today’s drivers as I do not want this turning into a debate on favourites.

Post the footage of your chosen race and add comments at the appropriate time intervals as follows, be as serious or as amusing as you like.

Put your comments in a box with a fixed height of 100 so that the reader can scroll down as he/she watches the race footage.

I’ll kick off with.

The 1958 Spa Francorchamps Grand Prix.

0.00 The pre-race show let’s see if it’s better than today’s efforts.

0.30 Nuclear fish and chips hells bells man are you mad!!!??

1.45 Now we're getting to it.

1.49 Obviously it was designated the European Grand Prix that year.

2.19 Bringing your pet dog to the Grand Prix is nothing new.

3.25 Practice was called training back then that doesn't seem right.

3.59 Not much noise and no sparks this is not good.

5.30 What’s that you say a swerve?

5.46 Average speed 132.7 mph not bad.

5.58 The mechanic has brought out the big hammer/persuader.

6.33 I think the stewards should take a look at that.

7.30 My mistake training is actually qualifying and it’s Ferrari on pole yippee.

8.09 Race day and the excitement is palpable, have a cucumber sandwich.

8.26 The drivers parade, where’s pinks when you need her.

9.10 Was that a bit of innuendo you naughty chap.

9.16 ROFL

9.51 The traditional fly by is this how it started?

9.53 Aye up.

10.32 Seb’s first car sexy sally?

10.47 About bloody time.

11.20 The lady puts her hat on.

1135 Was that a fat bloke joke?

12.58 Oh dear.

13.08 I've never seen such vigorous flag waving in all my life.

13.28 And the crowd goes wild.

13.41 Oh no Moss is out.

13.48 The action is so intense the painter can barely keep up.

14.21 That’s two overtakes Galahad I hope you’re keeping count.

14.37 Just look a the excitement in their faces which on is you Bill Boddy ?

14.55 Brooks Clips the Apex.

15.15 The painter is still at it.

15.19 Another overtake I can’t believe it.

15.31 Who’s he?

16.27 Lewis has car damage but is holding onto third a great effort from him.

17.07 What’s that copper doing there? I hope he isn't trying to catch people for speeding.

17.38 The painter is just adding the finishing touches.

18.19 It’s a close fight for the podium.

18.50 Quickest pit stop of the race?

19.03 A 40 second lead nothing changes.

19.52 The race becomes processional, that can’t be right that never happened in the past.

20.20 The crowd are agog apparently.

20.24 Damn now we’ll never know what happened I've never heard of a race being cut short like that before the end a replay is no good to me I need to see it live.>:(

So was that more exciting or less exciting than today's racing?
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