Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Its 80's quiz time. Cue the theme tune..

Going for GOLD.
The heat is on. The time is right.
Its time for you, for you to play your game.
People are coming, everyones trying.
Trying to be the best that they can.
When they're going for going for GOLD.

Now lets welcome your host. Henry Kelly..

Welcome contestants. I will read a series of clues the quicker you buzz in the more points you will receive. Work your way down the List. If you think you know the answer and want to risk hitting the Buzzer for big points, Be aware just one wrong answer and you will be frozen out until the next question.

So if you're ready.. fingers on buzzers.

Question 1. What am I ?
I have been in F1 since 1965
I am European
I have been described as a serpent
I was closed in 1988
Then reopened under a different name all be it a shorter version
I was 5.005 miles long before 1988 and 2.47 miles long after
F1 raced here in 1965,1969,1970 and 1972
I am in France
I have been described as the French Nurburgring Nordschliefe
My modern name is Charade
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : Clermont-Ferrand

Question 2. Who am I ?
I was born in 1948
I am a race winner in Formula 3 and 2
I am British
I am a protege of Tom Wheatcoft owner of Donnington Park
I only raced twice in F1
My first race was at Silverstone in 1973
I drove for March
My second and final race was at Zandvoort
Suspension failure at Zandvoort flipped my car pinning me under it which then caught fire
My friend David Purley was awarded the George medal for his bravery when he abandoned his race to try and save my life. Sadly he failed.
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Answer : Roger Williamson

Final Question. When am I ?
16 different drivers scored a point
There was 16 races
Schumacher out scored his team mate by a factor of 5
Ferrari switched from a low nose to high nose mid season
Mclaren switched engine suppliers
Panis won at Monaco
Forti team were no more mid season
Frank Williams announced Hill would be replaced with Frentzen next season
Williams won the championship
Damon Hill was crowned world champion
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Answer : 1996

Thats the end of this round and the points are ......
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