Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Its 80's quiz time. Cue the theme tune..

Going for GOLD.
The heat is on. The time is right.
Its time for you, for you to play your game.
People are coming, everyones trying.
Trying to be the best that they can.
When they're going for going for GOLD.

Now lets welcome your host. Henry Kelly..

Welcome contestants. I will read a series of clues the quicker you buzz in the
more points you will receive. Work your way down the List. If you think you
know the answer and want to risk hitting the Buzzer for big points, Be aware
just one wrong answer and you will be frozen out until the next question.

So if you're ready.. fingers on buzzers.

Question 1. What am I ?
I am 3.390 miles long
Schumacher won here at his 3rd attempt
Hamilton took the grand Chelem in 2008
My host country has very little motorsport heritage. Building its first ever race track in 1996.
I was built in 2004
Barrichello was the first winner here
I was designed to look like a character
My corners have no names
I have a very long straight
I am in a communist country
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : China, Shanhai International Circuit

Question 2. Who am I ?
I am European
I was 9th in Formula 3000 in 1992
I was beaten in my earlier career by Barrichello
I have 13 Formula 1 wins
I have driven for Williams
I have driven for McLaren
I have 247 GP starts
I was the first winner of the Mclaren Young driver award
I took Sennas race seat following his death.
I am Scottish
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : David Coulthard

Final Question. When am I ?
BRM were 5th in the championship
Porsche finished the year with 22 points
Phil Hill won at Spa in the Ferrari
The regulations saw an engine size change for this year
Von Trips took his first win at Zandvoort
The Ferrari Dino 156 was the class of the field
In Monaco, Moss had one of the drives of his career beating the Ferraris
After the previous years boycott of the banked Monza track, the drivers decided to race. But a terrible accident awaited.
The race at Monza saw VonTrips and Jim Clark collide. VonTrips and 12 spectators were killed.
Phil Hill in the iconic Ferrari Dino 156 took the title.
Contestant 1 has buzzed in. Lets see if they are right.
Answer : 1961

Thats the end of this round and the points are ......
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As an aside, every time Henry Kelly used to say "what am I" I used to expect points for saying "An idiot"
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