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A rambling post as I am up with the lovely Lola at this silly hour.

It's a bright, sunny afternoon in Japan.

Lewis' first install lap he seemed to have the rain light lit up on the back of his car maybe he has some inside knowledge of the weather ;)

The green tyres look stupid (cue lots of James Allen on Sunday banging on about the white strip inbetween the green stripes)

Ferrari's new aero package seems to consist of a 3 inch high fin on the front wishbone (although it does look like they are running a low-ish downforce setting from the wing angles)

The Toyotas are out setting low 1:21's this in comparison to the race pace of the 1:40's last season (weather adjusted) - one has to return to 1977 to get a lap time where amazingly James hunt won the race in a McLaren-Ford with an average lap time of 1:26ish (OK basic maths there but 73 laps in 1,31:51 and it was a different circuit ;)

Kimi is out on track and to me the rear wing seems to have had some modifications, larger step to it possibly - The Ferrari looks planted thru 100R and Kimi comes through for a 1:20.0

and still the green stripes look silly (a tenner says Allen gets it wrong on sunday)

Lewis went out for his second run popped in a 1:19 with the McLaren's secret rear wheel steering working to it's fullest (or he might have been sliding ;) )

With 45 mins to go it's Kimi, Lewis, Fernando, Heikki in the top spots

Felipe pops it into 4th but seems to be struggling with the car, it is a cool-ish day and he's locking it up and sawing at the wheel

Heidfeld is on the radio asking for more downforce "even zo ze straight goes on forever"

In his home GP Nakajami needs to pick the pace up a bit as is currently in 18

Kimi goes out again but fails to improve on his previous.

Lewis' next run, the MP still looking a bit twitchy through the slower corners but fastest over all with a 1:18.9

Oddly enough DC posts the fastest time through the speed trap

Felipe's run is fastest in the first 2 sectors but slower over the line into second

Not seen much of Heikki but he has been putting in som creditable laps to be in 3rd so far

DC decides he's prefer grasstrack racing

It looks as if Honda have fitted pedals to Jenson's car for a bit more oomf at their home GP

Fastest Sector times :
1 Mass
2: hammy
3: hammy

Alonso's Renault, although a second off the pace is looking mighty through the bends, look out for another shock in quali

Another solid run from lewis but fails to improve although the balance of the car is looking better which is more than can be said for Felipe

Heidfeld drifts into a spin in the outfield and rejoins with no problems

Time is up with Lewis topping the table and looking like he can go a lot faster!

So there you go folks Q1 as I see it.

Lola has been asleep for over an hour so I guess it's the missus' turn to get up at 5 so I probably won't do Q2 for ya ;)

Wait till you see the Renault with green tyres - it looks like baby sick LOL

Have a good friday

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