Put yourself in Button's soft soled racing shoes


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There's already a thread discussing the possible replacement for Hamilton, but this one approaches it from a different angle.

Imagine you are Jenson Button; who would you like to see in the second car as your team mate?

Bearing in mind you're going to want to beat them over the next season or three but at the same time you don't want them to be a Massa and not score any points for the WCC.

So who would you consider as a team mate?
Conversely, who would you definitely not want (for whatever reason)?
If I were Button I would not want Maldonado for a teammate. And for a solid teammate who will score points without beating me - I guess I'd go for Glock.
Rosberg. He's fast, but not that fast (although we cannot really tell due to him being in midfield cars for his career). I actually wouldn't bet against Hamilton and Rosberg swapping, especially if Schuey stays on for another year.
I don't think Button actually cares who his team mate is and if I were in his shoes I wouldn't care either Romain and Pastor have managed to crash into quite a few people this year but so far they have managed not to take out their team mates so having one of them wouldn't bother me either....
I would would say that it would be Di Resta. I think Button would feel he would have the measure of him but at the same time as fellow country men they could communicate with ease and work well together. As for team mates he couldn't work with, of those likely to be possible replacements for Hamilton, for some reason I don't see Rosberg and Button working well and maybe he would see Perez as too quick (but I wouldn't mind seeing him at McLaren).
Button isn't afraid of any driver he has pitted himself against the best and he hasn't come up short, why some people think he isn't one of the best on the grid is beyond me, and that's the truth.


All of the team managers and drivers recognise Buttons skills and all of them would like him in their team it is only some of the more jaded fans that refuse to acknowledge this...
John Button. I think Jens would def like his dad with him.

If I'm honest I reckon Rubens was Buttons dream team mate as he was a set up whizz but wasn't consistantly quick with it over race distance.

However I reckon Jenson likes a teammate who takes all the drama focus off him so he can get on with things so I'm gonna say Kobi san.
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