Probem with E-mails Sent from this Site?


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You sent this Brogan when i needed a new password (I got 1 anyway by forcing the 'someone pretending to be you is trying login as you' thingymagik

Hi Dave,
For whatever reason emails are being returned due to an “unkown mailbox”?

Anyway, the automatic email with the password is below.

Please change your password as soon as you log in.

Any problems, just let me know.

Regards, Paul

Is this sorted out? or is there something i need to do? I dont know whats cauing it, but i think it has something to with when i reload XP and lose programs like MSN etc cause after i always get a blank e-mail account with nought innit.


P.S sorry if this isnt the right place to do this
For some reason I keep getting reports that your mailbox doesn't exist so I'll send some test emails and let me know if you get them.
Seems to be working then :D

The problem was more than likely due to your mailbox server.
It possibly responded with an error code which is why the original email bounced.

Hopefully it's all sorted now.
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